Baby update – Alex is 4 months

baby update

Yes, it is that time again. Alex is now 4 whole months old so here I am writing another monthly update. The past month has gone by quicker than any other I swear, I feel like Alex was 3 months for about 10 minutes! Here is how things have been going over the last 4 weeks. View Post

10 newborn baby products I couldn’t live without


Over the past 3 and a half months we have accumulated quite a lot of baby paraphernalia in our house. While there are a few items that have been left to gather dust in Alex’s nursery, there have been a few products that have been literal lifesavers since Alex was born. With baby stores bursting with products parents are coaxed into believing they MUST HAVE and are ESSENTIAL, it can be easy to overspend when shopping for your new arrival. However, there really are some baby products that have made life with a newborn so much easier and I simply could not live without them now. If you have a baby on the way then here is list of baby products I couldn’t be without and you might just find useful too.. View Post

#BlogCrush linky – Week 1


Hello! Welcome to the first ever #BlogCrush linky, hosted by myself and Lucy from Lucy at Home.

I am so excited to get this linky up and running and I am very happy to have you along for the ride. After a few weeks of chucking ideas around, problem solving and getting to grips with inlinkz, Lucy and I can’t wait for our debut as linky hosts.

If you missed my post introducing this new linky then you can read it here. Basically, #BlogCrush is a linky with a difference, every Friday you can come link up one of your posts along with one from another blogger. If you have recently read a post that has made you laugh so hard you cried, a post where you could relate to every single word or have read something with words so beautifully crafted you just wanted to shout about it from the rooftops then this linky is for you.

You can link up a different #BlogCrush every week and we welcome posts from all types of bloggers. If you are a parenting blogger like me or if fashion, food or photography are more your thing then we will be happy to have you. #BlogCrush is all about sharing the blog love and I would love to see lots of bloggers joining us every week and providing us all with some fabulous reading material through the #BlogCrush posts they link up.

That’s enough chat from me now, let’s get on with the link up…*excited squeak*

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SafeDreams cot wrap and baby soft toy review

cot wrap

If there is one thing parents to be and new parents alike obsess over, it is baby sleep. Should my baby sleep in a cot, moses basket or bed side crib? Should I be co sleeping with my baby? Will my baby EVER sleep through? Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Baby sleep is a hot topic amongst us parents that’s for sure. As well as always striving for that magical full night of sleep, the safety of our children while they have a snooze is of paramount importance to parents. Thanks to babybundle‘s SafeDreams range parents can be sure their little ones are sleeping safely, when they do eventually decide to drop off that is! Alex was lucky enough to be sent a cot wrap and cuddly soft toy from the SafeDremas range, here is what we thought of these innovative bedtime products. View Post

Mental health after pregnancy – The day I asked for help

mental health after pregnancy

Recently I shared my story about my mental health after pregnancy, how I have been feeling anxious and horrible since I gave birth to Alex in October. I have been completely overwhelmed by the response I have had to the post, everyone has been so supportive and I was actually quite surprised to see how many fellow bloggers have felt the same way as me, I really felt like I was the only one. Although I was terrified publishing that post, worried I would be judged or people would view me differently, I needn’t have worried as the response has been nothing but positive. I have had a post sitting in my drafts for months now, a post I wrote the day I realised something had to give. The day where I phoned my health visitor in tears and spoke to my GP. The first day of my fight to get myself back on track, to find myself again amongst the anxiety and stress, yet it was also the day where I felt like I had hit rock bottom. After allowing myself to be honest and share my experience of perinatal anxiety I have started to feel a lot better. It is a slow climb though and there are still bad days, days that are just so difficult, where the intrusive thoughts take over and I feel like I am being the worst possible Mum ever. But writing about all those horrible thoughts and feelings has really helped me to start to feel better so I have decided it is time I pressed publish on that post that has been sitting gathering dust in my drafts folder for months. It is quite hard for me to read back as the feelings I wrote about are still very raw but I know that by sharing them it will help me to recover from this and hopefully show other mums who are feeling this way that they are not alone. View Post

The pill for men, will it ever exist?

pill for men

When it comes to contraception there are very few options for the men of the world. In fact, there are only two options: condoms or a vasectomy. That’s it.  For us ladies? Well, we have a pretty extensive list to choose from: the pill, injection, coil and implant to name just a few. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is fantastic us women are able to take control of our own bodies and decide if and when we want to conceive a child. However, taking some forms of contraception can play havoc on a woman’s hormones and body. Contraception is great for preventing pregnancy but can cause all manner of other problems for some of us. So, wouldn’t it be amazing if, for once, the men in our lives could have bits of metal stuck in them for months? Or there was a special pill they could take every day to help prevent an unwanted pregnancy? I am pondering this now as Alex is 3 months old, I am soo not ready for another baby and there is no way I am going back on the pill or getting the evil implant again, so what are we supposed to do? I would love a contraceptive just for men to be invented, to give my body a break from interfering hormones and to take the pressure off me a bit. Surely scientists can come up with something better than a bit of rubber? View Post

#BlogCrush – A brand new linky for sharing the blog love


Guess what? After blogging for nearly 2 years I have finally decided now is the time to host a linky. It is something I have ummed and ahhed over for a few months now and when Lucy from Lucy At Home asked if I was interested in hosting one with her the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I have been reading Lucy’s blog for what feels like forever now and she has become such a lovely bloggy friend over the past few months, I am so happy we are both starting this linky up together as I don’t think I could have managed it if I went solo. Our brand new and exciting linky is called #BlogCrush and it is different to any other link up you have joined before. If you want to find out more then I suggest you keep on reading.. View Post

Creating your dream baby nursery

baby update

Creating a beautiful nursery for your baby is near the top of every mum to bes to do list, isn’t it? There is something so special about creating a space in your home just for your baby and decorating a nursery is a great way to satisfy your natural nesting instincts. When I found out I was expecting my second baby I knew immediately which room we would be turning into a nursery and once I knew we were having another boy I decided I wanted his bedroom to have a nautical theme. Turning our never been used, bleak and miserable junk room dining room into a cute nautical themed nursery took quite a bit of work, Alex is 3 months old and it still needs some finishing touches. However, creating your dream nursery for your baby can be really easy, with a bit of planning and organisation you can transform any room in your house into a bedroom fit for your little prince (or princess).  Here is my quick guide to making all your baby bedroom dreams come true… View Post

Breastfeeding diary – How to survive a baby growth spurt

baby growth spurt

Welcome back to my breastfeeding diary. Since my last entry, written when Alex was 6 weeks old, breastfeeding has been going really well. Feeds are easy and painless and, although they are still very frequent, feeding times have become a lovely bonding experience for Alex and I. However, we have just been through a massive growth spurt which put me and my boobs to the test, if I thought Alex liked to feed a lot before I was very much mistaken. Babies tend to have lots of growth spurts in their first year, the major ones being at 2weeks, 6weeks, 3months and 6months. At 14 weeks old, Alex has been through 3 big growth spurts already and I thought I would share my tips on how to make it through a baby growth spurt when you are breastfeeding your baby. View Post

What happens when your baby gets bronchiolitis? – Alex’s first stay in hospital


So, last week was pretty eventful. Alex reached a new milestone, on Monday night he had his first ever stay on a children’s ward. After being poorly with a cough and cold for what feels like weeks, a trip to the GP on Monday afternoon saw Alex be immediately referred to the paediatric department of our local hospital. After his initial examination by the doctor it was confirmed he was suffering from bronchiolitis. This is a very common illness in babies, especially in winter, and I thought it may be beneficial to share what symptoms to look out for and what may happen if your baby is admitted to hospital for treatment. View Post

Mental health after pregnancy – it is time I came clean

mental health
Before I begin I just need to tell you there are no words I have to describe how nervous I am about publishing this post. None.

I’m not sure where to begin so I’m just going to start typing and see what comes out…

I have never really struggled with my mental health before, I’ve been anxious from time to time and had the odd low day but, on the whole, I am a happy chilled out sort of person. After having Leo I took to motherhood like a duck to water, I loved every second, even sleep deprivation and getting pooed on almost daily didn’t get me down. I expected things would be the same when I gave birth to my second baby. I thought that because I’d done it all before, parenting a second child would be just as easy as the first time around. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

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