Belly Bandit Preggo support tank top review

belly bandit 4

When it comes to buying maternity clothes, I am all about finding pieces that look good but, most importantly, are comfortable. During this second pregnancy I have purchased a few key pieces of maternity wear and have also been buying regular clothes in a bigger size. I am now in the third trimester and any clothes that can offer my ever growing bump some support get a big thumbs up from me. When the team at Belly Bandit contacted me and asked if I would like to review something from their maternity range, I jumped at the chance. If you read my pregnancy updates you will know that I am feeling massive this time around and my bump is only getting bigger! View Post

The day my toddler saved me

Toddler saved me

Ok, I understand that title sounds a bit dramatic so let me clarify a few things before we continue. This post is not about a near death experience nor is it about how having a baby saved me from a life I was unhappy with or anything like that. This post is about how, last week, Leo rescued me from the shower and saved me from having a full on panic attack/meltdown. Now that’s cleared up, let me tell you all about my little hero. View Post

Kidloland children’s app – Review and giveaway


Being nearly 3, Leo is at an age now where his brain is like a little sponge. He is absorbing new information all the time and learning new skills pretty much every day. At the minute Leo enjoys reciting the alphabet and trying to count past 10 and, as his Mummy, I love to see him learning and I try to help and encourage him in any way I can. When Kidloland, a nursery rhyme educational app for preschoolers, got in touch I couldn’t wait to see how this app could help with Leo’s learning and development. View Post

Blogs, books, films and fun – Edition 1


Once upon a time, in a blog land not too far away, I used to write weekly happy posts. The updates were titled A week of smiles and the posts were all about the different things that had made me happy over the last 7 days. Unfortunately, due to being disorganised and the fact these posts usually got 0 comments (!), the series fizzled out and I stopped writing them. Obviously, this is something I now regret as the A week of Smiles posts are the ones I enjoy looking back on the most. With this in mind I have decided to start a monthly round up post with a bit more to it, a new place for me to write down all the fun things me and mine have got up to as well as sharing some love for blogs I have loved reading and books and films I have enjoyed over the past month too. So without further ado, welcome to..

Blogs, books, films and fun – Edition 1.

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Our perfect babymoon in Reading


Baby boy’s arrival is getting closer and closer.  There are only 12 weeks to go before he comes into the world and turns our lives upside down and the chance of Oli and I getting any time alone is going to be slim. When my lovely sister told me she was going to have Leo for the weekend and she had lined up a surprise for us, I was so excited. A whole weekend child free and a chance for Oli and I to remember what it’s like to just be husband and wife, who knew when we would get this opportunity again. My sister had planned the perfect weekend for us and also she had lots of fun lined up for Leo too so I didn’t feel guilty about leaving him at all. Here is what we got up to on our babymoon last weekend… View Post

Working with brands part 2 – 10 lessons I’ve learnt so far

Working with brands

Welcome back to my Working with brands mini series. If you missed part 1 – My top tips for new bloggers – please go and have a read, especially if you are a new blogger interested in making money from your writing. I was so overwhelmed by all the positive comments I received on this post, so many new bloggers genuinely grateful for my advice and thanking me for sharing my experience of working with brands as a small blogger. This week I thought I would share with you 10 lessons I have learnt since I began making money from my blog, the list includes positive things I have discovered as well as some hard lessons that I have learnt along the way. I suggest popping the kettle on, grabbing a coffee and making yourself comfortable, this is quite a read but I think (hope!) it is worth it. Enjoy. View Post

Thomas Land, a fab day out for toddlers


On the weekend Oli, Leo and I were up in Leicester visiting our lovely friends for their little boys 3rd birthday party. As we were up in that part of the country we decided to head on over to Thomas Land on the Sunday for some locomotive, tooting good fun. We have previously visited Thomas Land in December on one of their magical Christmas days, Leo loved it and I couldn’t wait to take him back to meet his favourite engines all over again. If you have a toddler who loves trains and is also a Thomas fan, I can’t recommend Thomas Land enough. I have decided to write about our day to convince any parents out there that a trip to Thomas Land is always a good idea. I hope you enjoy reading about our fun filled day and I have also chucked in a few tips to help make your day as fun as possible too. View Post

5 easy ways to enjoy me time at home

Me time

Ahh the elusive ‘me time’, something all us parents crave but rarely get the opportunity to enjoy. Being a mum to an almost 3 year old I am always searching for a spare 5 (or 10) minutes I can grab for myself, away from the toddler chaos and all the other demands of the stay at home parent life.

In reality, I feel like I need more than 10 minutes. I feel like a whole week at a spa retreat, doing yoga and having daily massages would just about give me the energy boost I seriously need after 3 years of parenting. Unfortunately, with a family and house to look after and with barely enough money to fund a weekend of camping in a field, a week at a spa just isn’t feasible right now.

If you are in the same situation as me then fear not, yes a week of relaxing bliss may be out of the question but there are still ways you can grab some precious me time at home. Here are some examples of how you can unwind and relax after a hectic day of changing nappies, chasing toddlers around, washing 50 loads of clothes, cleaning the floor under the high chair, toddler group I need to go on? View Post

28 weeks pregnancy update

28 weeks pregnant

Here we are again, it feels like I just blinked and suddenly another 4 weeks has passed and it is time for my 28 weeks pregnancy update. I am now 27weeks and 4days but I saw my midwife this morning so I thought I would write my latest update a few days early.

Before I get stuck in with what has been going on with me and my baby bump, here is my gender reveal video in case any of you missed it…

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Working with brands part 1 – My top tips for new bloggers

working with brands

It is not very often you will find posts about blogging here on Naptime Natter. It is not that I don’t enjoy writing about my favourite hobby ever, it is just that I feel there are so many more experienced bloggers out there who can offer you much more valuable advice and tips than I ever could. You see, when it comes to stats and all that stuff, my blog is still pretty small. Although I may be a very small fish in the overflowing pond of parent bloggers, this hasn’t stopped me from working with brands. View Post

Pregnancy milestone cards from Babyblooms

Pregnancy milestone cards

I have mentioned before how much I am enjoying documenting my second pregnancy. I love writing regular bump updates and taking lots of photos of my rapidly growing baby bump. Pregnancy is such a special time and I know from experience, that once it is over, it can be forgotten all too easily. Maybe writing a pregnancy blog isn’t for you but there are lots of fun ways you can document your pregnancy. When Babyblooms got in touch and asked if I wanted to review their pregnancy milestone cards, I said yes straight away, I couldn’t think of a more adorable way to record all those important moments that happen when you have a baby on the way. View Post