Baby update – Alex is 11 months

Baby update – Alex is 11 months

Alex is 11 months old! Ok, in all honestly he nearly one now, I have been really behind in writing this update. Leo started school at the beginning of September and we moved house so things have been a little crazy. Anyway, enough of the excuses, here is what Alex has been up to since his last update.

Alex is 11 months


Size  – As usual I haven’t been to baby clinic, why break the habit of a lifetime right? Alex did have a development check with the health visitor though, she weighed him and I think he was around 16lbs then. He feels like he weighs about 5 stone though as he’s getting really heavy when I wear him in the sling. Time is running out on his 9-12 month clothes and I am definitely going to be digging out the 12-18months stuff very soon.

Teething – We have another tooth! That makes a total of five sharp and pearly whites shining in Alex’s little smile. There are 3 on the top and 2 on the bottom and Alex is enjoying testing them out, we have to be careful otherwise he has a tendency to try and bite our faces off!

wp-image-994439143.jpg  wp-image-922667158.jpg

What he likes and dislikes – Alex is really enjoying playing with his toys this month, he loves to go sit in his playpen and play with his drum, little wooden blocks and the cookie jar shape sorter. His new favourite game though is pulling all the DVDs out of the TV cabinet and throwing them across the living room floor – it’s for him but really annoying for me because I have to keep cleaning them up! Alex also loves having any toy of Leo’s that he is not allowed’ like the tiny pieces of Lego and all the little toy figures. Leo has proper tantrums now when you take things off him that he wants to play with. It’s making me nervous about what the terrible twos are going to be like. He loves his food, that is definitely his favourite thing at the minute.  Since moving house and now having stairs Alex’s favourite pass time is crawling up the stairs, something he never got to do when we lived in the bungalow. Also, Alex really loves playing peekaboo still, he’s always putting blankets over his head and giggling.


Character – Alex is really happy and this month I’ve really started to notice his cheeky side. Alex has developed this little grin when he’s doing something you shouldn’t be doing and he’s got a really cute little laugh he does when he’s being mischievous. He really is such a sweet and lovely baby and is so happy unless he is tired or hungry. I hope he keeps this happy nature as he gets older and will grow into a lovely little boy just like his big brother.

Feeding – Alex is still breastfeeding, one more month and we would’ve made it to a year, yay! He has dropped down to 3 feeds a day now: having one in the morning when he wakes up, one at naptime and one just before bed. Sometimes he will have one around three-ish in the afternoon too when he starts to get little bit sleepy. He doesn’t have another nap then but I think he just enjoys the cuddles. Feeding is just so easy now and doesn’t feel like a big deal at all so I have decided to carry on for now and not try and wean him off breastfeeding as soon as he is one.


Weaning –  Alex loves his food SO MUCH. He eats like a proper person now, he just sits in his highchair and feeds himself and he has the same food as us. Sometimes Alex eats bigger portions than Leo and it realty does feel like there is no filling him up. I honestly think I could give him food all day and he would eat it. I love that he is so happy to try and eat new foods though and I really hope he doesn’t turn into a fussy eater when he’s a bit bigger.

Alex 11 months 2

Sleep – We had a bit of a sleep regression this month where Alex was waking up in the night and staying awake for about two hours. I was feeding him and he just wouldn’t go back to bed, it was such hard work and we were all exhausted. Luckily, this only lasted for a few weeks and we were soon back to normal, getting a good undisturbed stretch of about 10 hours some nights.

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Who we’ve seen and where we’ve been – It was the end of the summer holidays when Alex turned 10 months and we had a lovely few day trips to Dorset. We visited Durdle Door which was just stunning and also had a trip to Corfe Castle. AS I said earlier, we moved house at the beginning of September and Leo started school so we have been a bit too busy for any big family days out. We had family come and help us move though so that was a lovely opportunity for Alex and Leo to spend some time with their grandparents.

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Brothers – I’m not going to lie, it has been hard at times with Leo and Alex recently. I just feel like Leo doesn’t understand that Alex is younger than him and smaller and that he needs to be gentle around him. He’s not hitting him or anything like that it’s just he tries to play rough and sometimes if he’s not getting his own way he will try and push over. Oli and I are trying our absolute best to teach Leo to be kind and to be gentle. I feel like a broken record saying ‘be gentle with him’ about a million times a day. I am really hoping that when Alex is walking and steady on his feet and maybe chatting a little bit that Leo will finally start to play with him nicely instead of finding him more of an annoyance than someone to play with. There have obviously been lovely moments between the boys this month too, I just feel like Leo’s bad behaviour towards Alex has overshadowed them a bit.

DSC_0490                    DSC_0660                          DSC_0668

The things I don’t want to forget.

As always, so much has happened this month and I don’t want to forget a single thing –

  • Alex got his fifth tooth and his smile looks all crooked now but seriously adorable.
  • At his 10 month development check the Health Visitor was concerned he wasn’t vocal enough and the next day he wouldn’t stop chatting.
  • He now says ‘muma’ but he says it when he is eating so I think it means yum!
  • Alex loves playing high five and waving his arms around like a loony when he’s in his highchair.
  • Don’t make him wait for food otherwise Alex will go crazy!
  • Alex has started waving properly, rather than just throwing his arms around.
  • When he wants a breastfeed Alex sort of hits his head into my chest and tried to pull my top up!
  • He crawls SO FAST


That’s it. I can not believe next time I write one of these Alex will be one and I will have been doing his baby updates for a whole year! I can’t get over that our first year with him is almost over. They don’t lie when they tell you the time flies! See you on the big day..


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