Navigating the world of reverse mortgages

Navigating the world of reverse mortgages

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Relocating is hard

It has been just over a month since my little family and I relocated to Hampshire. I knew when Oli got his new job that things were going to change, that moving so far away from everything we had known for the last 6 years was going to be hard. It has been hard, not as much as I thought but it still feels strange calling this place my home.

Every person I speak to always asks the same thing, ‘are you settled in yet?’. Be they friends, family or the new people I meet, this question is never far from the tip of the tongue. To be honest, I never know how to answer this question. If by settled in you mean have I unpacked, then yes I guess I must be. Or, if by settled in you mean have I found the nearest supermarket and registered with the doctor then, again, yes I have. But, if you mean by settled in that I have made friends, feel comfortable here and the house feels like home then ,unfortunately, I have to say no. No, I haven’t settled in yet. Instead of this move being the new exciting chapter to our lives I thought it would be, it is instead more of a dull prologue, hopefully leading to more exciting things in the weeks to come.

This one has definitely made himself at home.

I am just struggling a bit. Oli is at work a lot and I have become full time mum again for the first time in nearly a year. When we were in Swansea I was only working evenings but it still gave me time out of the house and a chance to earn some money for myself. That time away from doing the mum thing and spending time with people my own age talking about everything but toddler tantrums and sleep deprivation was really beneficial for me. Now I don’t have that. I am a full on stay at home mum in a town where I don’t know anyone. A town where every face is an unfamiliar one and no one wants to talk to the new Welsh girl at the toddler groups. A town 4 hours away from my parents and my in-laws in Mid Wales and all my friends. Oli and I are getting no time out of the house together as we don’t know anyone who can babysit. I know in time we will get to know and trust people and Leo can be left with a babysitter, I know that all these things just take time.

Leo is getting very good at talking on the phone now I’m phoning my parents all the time!

So, in another months time when people ask if I have settled in, hopefully I will be able to say yes. Hopefully I would have found some courage and started talking to more people at toddler groups, maybe I will have even got myself a little job by then. I didn’t know what things would be like when we first relocated here, just like I don’t know what things will be like in a few weeks time. Change is scary and change is hard but, most of the time, change is a good thing.

Have you recently moved somewhere new? Are you finding it difficult to settle in? Anyone got any tips for me? Let me know 🙂

Time for a blog break

As you all probably know by now, me and my family are moving to Southampton at the end of this month and there is SO MUCH TO DO!

I find it quite amazing how much stuff Oli and I have managed to accumulate over our 6 year relationship. We have already made 3 trips to the charity shop, packed up a whole room and taken apart some furniture and it honestly looks like all we have done is make a massive mess.
Along with all the physical packing there is a list of boring, paper work type jobs that need doing. Find a new doctor/dentist/vet and register with them (only the cat for the latter, obviously), cancel internet and find perfect TV and broadband deal for new house, change address on important documents – the list just goes on.
So it is fair to say that getting everything organised for this big move is taking up a lot of my time. To be honest my heart hasn’t been in my blog for a few weeks now anyway.  Although I am excited about the move I am feeling quite anxious and I am finding it difficult to concentrate. I sit at my laptop with good intentions of banging out an interesting post and instead thoughts of meeting new people and moving Leo away from everything he knows creep in and disturb my train of thought. I feel as though my posts lately are nowhere near the standard of writing I know I am capable of. As well as using this time to sort out moving, I am going to use this blogging break to try and reconnect with my inner blogger and decide what it is I truly want from this blog. 
There are lots of things I still need to sort out on this here blog. I have been live since the end of March and have still not managed to sort out any share buttons (this is driving me nuts) and I can not decide on a layout, changing it every couple weeks or so. In any free time I manage to salvage between packing boxes and scrubbing the bathroom tiles with a toothbrush, I am going to sort out the layout of my blog and finally fix all the little bits that I have been neglecting. Hey, if I am really productive I might even write a couple posts, with no pressure of a deadline they might even be pretty good.
Most of all I want to take this break so I don’t waste a single second of the time we have left in Swansea. Instead of wasting time staring at my Twitter feed or reading other blogs (which I love doing by the way), I want to be running around on the beach and taking in the beautiful views of the Gower one last time. When I would normally spend Leo’s naptime writing this blog, I want to spend that time getting jobs done so the afternoon is completely free for us to go for walks and meet up for goodbye play dates with friends. We do these things anyway but sometimes I get caught up in my blog and the time is gone before we know it.
I am sure I am going to miss my blog but I don’t plan to be gone for long. I will be back at the end of this month, when all that is left to do is say goodbye to our little house, post the keys through the letter box and set off to start our new life in Southampton.
See you all on the other side. 
Have you ever had a break from your blog? Did you find your blogging break beneficial or did you just spend the whole time wishing you were blogging? As always, I would love to know!

Big news..

For a couple of weeks now I have been hinting that change is on the horizon for my little family and I am now able to shout our news from the rooftops (or virtually announce it into the blogosphere) ..


My brilliant, talented, amazing husband has been offered a job in a little town near Southampton. Oli will be starting his new job as a care home manager at the end of September. We are both very excited.

Celebrating Oli’s new job!

Swansea has been our home for the last 6 years but I am looking forward to starting a new chapter. I will miss so much about our lives here: friends we have made, my Nan, places we love, the memory box that is our little house and the familiarity of the place.

Although there is so much I will miss, there is so much I am looking forward to. Oli will be working a much more rewarding and challenging job and there are lots of job opportunities for me in Southampton too. I am looking forward to exploring and finding new and exciting things for me and Leo to do, Peppa Pig World is ridiculously close – we will definitely be buying a season ticket! London is only 50 minutes away on the train, I can’t wait for lots of family days off exploring the capital. My sister is only an hour away and I have lots of cousins close by so I am keen to spend lots of time with them too. Most of all I am excited for the future. If everything goes to plan, this time next year we could be home owners, I could have myself a nice little job and maybe another baby could be on the way. Obviously nothing is certain but I really feel like this move is a fresh start for us. We will be leaving behind our Welsh roots but hopefully we will find an exciting adventure waiting for us.

So over the coming weeks I am going to be super busy packing up the house and sorting out everything for moving, this I am not looking forward to! It is a scary, exciting time for us here and we are now counting down the weeks until we say a fond farewell to Swansea and a big hello to Southampton!

Have you recently embarked on an adventure somewhere new? I would love any advice on meeting new people and settling in to a completely new place. Oh and if any of you lovely bloggers live down that way let me know :).

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