The week off work

A week of ups and downs.

I’m back! I have majorly neglected my blog this past week or so as I have had so much going on. I haven’t had a chance to chill and have any me time really as me and Oli both had the week off work. 

We spent most of last week with our parents up in mid Wales. It was a funny old week, lots of tears but also lots of laughter. We were meant to be spending the week having a family holiday in Ilfracombe Devon, but due to the loss of my Nan plans had to change.

The start of our week was quite uneventful. We were still in Swansea, I had an opticians appointment – so exciting! I did get some new glasses though which is always fun; it turns out my bad headaches could be a result of wearing contacts with a perscription nowhere near strong enough, ooops!

We traveled up to mid Wales on Tuesday in a car that was full to burst, how can one small person need so much stuff?! We spent some time with my parents then went over to Oli’s to catch up with his mum and dad and play with the lovely Millie. Leo and the puppy seem to be getting on a bit better now, he even giggles when she jumps on him and can sort of say ‘don’t bite’ when she to nip him, we’re making progress anyway! I spent Tuesday night at my nans house with my mum, aunty, cousin and sisters. We drank wine, cried and made photo boards ready for the funeral the next day.

The day I had been dreading for over a week finally arrived and we said our last goodbye to my wonderful Nan. It was a really hard day and after being fairly good on the crying front, I can say all the tears I had stored up came rushing out. Leo spent the day and night with Oli’s parents so I didn’t have to worry about him. Although it was a very sad day, the sun was shining and lots of family attended so I think Nan would have been happy. I’m still struggling to come to terms with loosing her but I know from experience that that these things take time and the pain never goes completely.

After the emotional day before, we spent most of Thursday just chilling out. We spent some more  time at Oli’s parents house and in the afternoon I even managed to have a nap while Oli took Leo off on a play date, this never happens! In the evening we all had a lovely curry and just chatted. Oli slept over at his parents with Leo so I could have a lie in the next day, as it was my birthday!

I woke up Friday morning another year older, I wouldn’t say I was any wiser though! Even though Leo was over his Nanny and Grampy’s house I still managed to wake up at half 7, stupid body clock! It was nice to spend a couple hours just doozing in bed before Oli and Leo arrived with my birthday treats. Leo (well Oli) got me a lovely little personalised notebook, I am a bit of a stationary freak so I absolutley loved this gift. After all the present opening, breakfast cooked by my lovely husband and some general lazing around we all went up to the beautiful Elan Valley, if you are ever in Mid Wales you must pay it a visit. We had some lovely lunch and had a drive around looking at the beautiful sceneary and we had a little walk up at the largest dam. This ended in disaster though as Leo wanted to catch some random chickens that were wondering around, cue massive tantrum! Friday night I found myself child free again as Oli and I headed off for a meal and to the cinema. The food in Frankie and Benny’s was lovely but pretty expensive for what it was – although I would have paid any money for the peanut butter cheesecake, amazing! We watched Pitch Perfect 2, which I enjoyed but Oli claims he hated eventhough I caught him laughing on more than one occasion.

Believe it or not, Oli’s birthday is the day after mine. Oli chose to spend his birthday morning playing golf, they tee’d off at 8am the crazy fools! While Oli was off on the golf course with his Dad and brother, I spent the morning baking him a birthday cake. I love baking but have never been able to bake a cake as well as my mum. Taking full advantage of the fact we were at home, I enlisted my mum as my assistant baker and together we created a masterpiece. When the men folk returned, Oli had lost but thankfully it was his birthday so he was still in a good mood, we headed off for our second lunch out in as many days. Can you guess where we went? Full marks if you said the golf club, boys will be boys hey. We had a lovely lunch followed by the amazing cake I made! Friday night Oli went out with his mates drinking, I was told I could ‘go if I wanted but it’s sort of a boys night’ , we’ve all heard that before! After a busy week I was kind of happy to just have a bath, watch a film and get to bed; I really must be getting old.
After a busy week with the family it was time to return to Swansea. I had a lovely chat with my mum, had another cry about Nan and realised I really didn’t want to leave. Although the funeral has been there is still so much stuff that needs sorting out and I feel kind of guilty that I won’t be there to help. We had a major operation of loading up the car then it was time for lots of goodbye hugs before we hit the road. Leo has pretty much figured out which grandparent is Nana and which is Nanny and he had an amazing time with all his cousins, aunties and uncles. When we arrived home, after a standard stop at Maccie D’s for a hungover Oli, we just collapsed on the sofa while Leo got reacquainted with his beloved books and George and Peppa. 
Although the week wasn’t spent having a fun time in Devon like it was meant to be and despite the sad circumstances, Oli and I both enjoyed our week off work. The best bit was being able spend pretty much all day together as family for a whole week. Leo loved having Daddy around all the time. I wish we could just hurry up and win the lottery so we could spend every day together. Oh well, we are off to Majorca for a week next month so can’t complain too much!

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  1. April 10, 2017 / 5:11 am

    Im so sorry about your nan, what a sad and emotional time for you. You really look like her from that photo! Im glad you managed tk have a nice week and its great that bih families were able to help out and let you have a bit of space. Brilliant cake! Xx
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