3 Valentines date night ideas for tired parents

3 Valentines date night ideas for tired parents

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One of the things I miss the most from my pre-kids life is being able to spend quality time with Oli. Obviously I love the family we have created and enjoy spending time together as a five, I just miss having couple time and having my husband to myself for more than an hour once the kids finally go to bed. Valentine’s Day is approaching and this is the perfect excuse for parents to arrange some quality time together as a couple. In an ideal world I would like to go out to a fancy restaurant, maybe even to a hotel or have a spa day together on Valentines Day but with three kids and a stretched budget, I know this isn’t possible. Maybe you won’t get to spend the day in a sauna and the evening eating amazing food BUT Funky Pigeon have come up with some romantic date night ideas and activities for you to do this Valentine’s Day (some will need you to arrange a babysitter but others  are perfect for parents). It can be hard to come up with new and exciting things to do for date night, especially if you’ve been with your partner a long time, here are 3 date night ideas you can enjoy at home this Valentine’s Day.

3 Valentines Day date night ideas for tired parents

1. Movie night – The key to a successful movie night when you are a tired parent is deciding on your film before the evening time. The last thing you want to after a lengthy bedtime battle with the kids is to wasted an hour picking a film just to fall asleep before the plot has even really kicked in. So pick your film in advance, get the snacks in but hide them from the little ones and then once the kids are in bed snuggle up and watch your film together. Make it extra romantic by choosing a film that means something to you both, maybe it could be the first film you ever watched together or the first one you saw on your first date at the cinema.


2. Cook a meal together – How often do you cook a meal with your other half, something just for the two of you? All too often mealtimes when you’re a parent are a chaotic affair, you’re trying to prep veggies whilst kids are screaming for attention and when the food is finally on the table there are often cries over hating what you’ve placed in front of your kids. While we would all like to pretend mealtimes are a lovely opportunity for some family bonding, quite often sitting down to eat as a family feel like a war zone and there is zero opportunity for any romance. An easy date night idea is to get the kids to bed and spend some time in the kitchen together, open a bottle of wine, play some music and enjoy chatting together as you cook something you both love (hopefully there won’t be a fish finger in sight!).


3. Spa night – That elusive spa break is probably not going to happen if you have small humans that need looking after and no babysitter BUT that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to a bit of a pamper this Valentine’s Day. Remove all evidence of tiny humans from your bathroom and turn it into a spa for the evening. Fill up the bath and chuck in a gorgeous smelling bath bomb, dim the lights and scatter tea lights around whilst playing some relaxing music (loads of spa music on Spotify!). Get some face packs, pour some crisp cold wine and sink into the bath together for some blissful relaxation. Also, there’s nothing to say a massage is just for a spa break and it can be way more fun with your partner anyway! There may be no saunas or a Jacuzzi but a home spa/pamper night is a lovely relaxing way to spend Valentine’s Day (perfect for us exhausted parents!).


Funky Pigeon have created an adorable Valentines gift bag to help you have a romantic Valentines this year. The gift bag includes Prosecco scented bath bombs, cute ‘perfect match’ white chocolate bars, Cath Kidston hand cream and a pack of date night ideas cards to help you enjoy some romance with your partner all year round. There is also a great range of other Valentine’s gifts and cards available from Funky Pigeon if you still need to buy something for your Valentine.

Still looking for date night ideas? Funky Pigeon have loooads of inspiration in their blog post – Our best Valentine’s date ideas.


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