Easter fun

Easter fun

What a beautiful bank holiday weekend we are having! Did everyone have a lovely easter yesterday? After giving up all sweet things for lent, I must say I am still feeling pretty sick after my massive chocolate binge yesterday.

It is safe to that between the 3 of us we probably had enough easter eggs to stock a small shop!

Did anyone take their children on an easter egg hunt? I still think Leo is a little bit too young and stuff like that would just go over his head…so we made our own fun instead!

On Saturday night when Leo was asleep I painted 7 little rabbit faces, one for each egg..that wasn’t even all the chocolate he had! While Leo had his nap yesterday I hid each egg under a muslin square in the living room with a little, smiley bunny face on top. It was just amazing watching him smile with surprise when he lifted up each cloth to discover an egg underneath. The whole event was made that much cuter by Leo shouting ‘ra beet’ and making bunny ears with his hands.

Obviously the chocolate has now been put away in a cupboard and will be given as treats over the next 6 months (possibly year?). Although it would be pretty funny to watch, I don’t think it would be very responsible parenting to let a 19month old loose with 7 easter eggs..plus various chocolate farmyard animals!

And just incase we didn’t have enough sugar in the house, last night I baked an easter themed cake. Well I am entitled to a reward after giving up pretty much everything nice for lent, surely?

easter cake

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the bank holiday! Once Mr Sleepyhead wakes up we are off down the beach for some fun in the sun!

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