Ways to make parenting easier by embracing technology

Ways to make parenting easier by embracing technology

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Hands up if you love technology. Hands up again if you are totally embracing technology to make your life easier as a parent. I am not even ashamed to say I rely on technology to make my life with kids more manageable. Whether it is popping Netflix on my phone while we wait for our food to arrive in a restaurant, using Google to help me out with my latest parenting dilemma or using a fancy clock to make sure the kids stay in bed in the mornings – I love technology! Hurrah for all the clever people who have invented these things that we all use on a daily basis to help us navigate the crazy parenting world more smoothly. Today I have a guest post all about how being tech savvy can make parenting easier. There might be a few things on this list you’ve not heard of or used before so I hope you find it useful.

Ways to make parenting easier by embracing technology

So you’re a mother, huh? That’s a lot of hard work, isn’t it? Congratulations, by the way! There’s no better feeling than holding your child in your arms for the very first time. It’s a cliché, but only because so many people agree with it. There will obviously be times in the future where you’ll be so proud, and you’ll feel endless amounts of emotion, but nothing quite compares to that first meeting.

After the ecstasy and the disbelief of what you’ve just done, the next few weeks, months and years become a lot harder, don’t they?! Babies and kids aren’t the easiest things to handle, so you’re a trooper for all that you do. As a hard-working parent, you’ll always be looking for ways to make the day easier, because sometimes it can get a little too much. Something that helps out, even just a little bit, is technology. We’re in the midst of a crazy electronic era right now, so we might as well make the most of what’s around us.

There are a bunch of pieces of equipment that are dedicated to mums as well as general stuff we can apply to our situations. Some of these little devices really can improve our quality of life tremendously. Let’s go into a little more detail as to how.

For Researching And Learning

As a mum, you’re never going to know it all. As much as you feel like you’re an experienced and battle-hardened veteran of this stuff, the truth is that you’re still, and will always be, learning. Obviously, at this stage, you’re not going to be glued to a screen at all times wondering things like ‘should I upgrade to Catalina’ or ‘I wonder how many likes this picture will get.’ Your computer and your smartphone hold a lot of knowledge and wisdom, however. If you’re struggling with anything, don’t hesitate to hit up a search engine or a forum for some guidance.

Tracking Everything

There are apps and software offline and online that can make things a lot more convenient for us. If you need to comfortable track your incomings and outgoing, then you can use spreadsheets or even a dedicated program. If you want to keep a record or a diary of events concerning your child, then you don’t have to worry about keeping a tangible piece of paper safe. Memories can be kept on USB drives and hard drives: thousands of photos could be saved into one tiny stick for your convenience.

Looking After The Baby

You’ve probably got a baby monitor because you’ll need to know if anything goes wrong, but you can also get a camera fitted into some of your rooms just to be extra sure. You can also use apps and websites to help the baby sleep. Often, kids need a constant noise to be able to go night-night – the white noise app can help with that.

Connecting With Other Mums

Sometimes you just need that camaraderie. It can be quite a lonely place, this world – especially if you’re stressed out over this parenting stuff! You can head online to social media, download friendship making apps or go to some forums and get in touch with girls that are in the exact same position as you.


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make parenting easier by embracing technology


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Disclaimer: This is a collaborative guest post. I did not write the main article but had full editorial control. Remember, I would never publish anything I didn't think you would find interesting or useful.

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