6 simple things you can do to relax once you become a parent

6 simple things you can do to relax once you become a parent

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I am about to become a mum for the third time. I am pro mama now, a veteran mother some might say (I wouldn’t but some people might!). Something I have learnt during my almost six years as a mum is that parenting is really bloody hard at times and we all need a break occasionally. I know that making time to relax and just breathe for a second can be so difficult once you become a mum, especially when you have a newborn baby in the house. Although it really is wonderful, becoming a parent can be really stressful, the sleep deprivation and constant crying can leave you feeling pretty miserable and run down and that is why finding time to relax is SO important. I have a great guest post for you today, it is all about finding ways to relax once you become a parent. I hope you find it useful and please remember that making time to relax does not make you a bad or selfish parent. You can’t pour from an empty cup, remember?

6 simple things you can do to relax once you become a parent 

Becoming a parent is probably the greatest thing that can happen to someone. That’s a statement that gets used a lot, and it’s quite annoying to hear for those who haven’t yet had the magical event bless them, but it is true! You often hear that you never know what love is until you have kids of your own – that is also very true. Your own life gets put on hold while you focus solely on creating the best one for the child that has just been brought into this world.

When your child is newly born, you can only look at them with love as they gaze back at you with those beautiful eyes that you somehow created. You question how it’s even possible that something is so perfect. You also question how something so perfect can cause you so much stress! Yes, you knew the twist was coming! Your baby is your life, but it takes a lot out of you, right? You’ll do anything and everything to ensure they have the best life possible, but you deserve some R&R too.

Leaving some time for yourself might seem like a terrible idea at first because you’ve become so accustomed to being around the little one, but you still need to get away for a little bit to balance out your mental and physical health. If you feel as though it’s time for you to clear your head and enjoy even a few hours off, then let’s talk about some things you can do to restore a little sanity.

Find a childminder

There will be heaps of people out there who are qualified and experienced in taking care of kids and babies alike. It may seem a little hard to let go at first, but after a few sessions with an experienced professional, it’ll become an easy thing to do. People in this field have a genuine passion for taking care of other people, so they will do all they can to protect and care for your child. Their livelihood is also at stake, so they won’t exactly be doing a half-hearted job! If you aren’t comfortable committing to somebody like that, then you could always find someone close to you and ask if they can mind the baby for a little while. Picking somebody you trust is bound to relax your mind a lot quicker.

Have some relaxing days out

With the new life you’ve found yourself in, you’re probably entrenched in a systematic routine. Every single day is just like the last because you can’t afford to veer away from it – financially and in terms of general health. Organizing something different would be good for you and the family, however. If you want to be pampered, then you could always book a few hours at a spa – being around relaxation experts would surely release some endorphins. Whatever you’re interested in, you should do: whether it’s a stroll around the Highland Titles Nature Reserve or just a simple wander around a new town, getting out of the house and away from the routine should help a little. You shouldn’t be shackled into a mental prison throughout this new era.

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Go on holiday

If you can afford it, then heading off on a holiday could be the ultimate way to relax, even if you have to bring your child along with you! Would you rather be stuck in the house minding your child or would you rather be on a beach doing it? It’s a no-brainer.


If you have an hour or so, or even ten minutes, then meditation could be your best friend. It’s not for everyone, but meditation has become more and more popular thanks to apps like Headspace. You’re able to learn how to channel your feelings and be more mindful. You’d be amazed at how effective listening to a person as they guide you through your breathing can be.

Have a bath

Another thing you can do if you have thirty minutes to an hour spare is to simply run a bubble bath. Running around all day and stressing over things that probably aren’t as bad as you think can’t be good for your mind and body. Throwing some nice, hot water into the tub and lying in it for a little can feel as though you’ve added a decade to your lifespan!

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Go for a walk 

Finally, just going for a walk with them can help you out. Obviously, you know that the motion of the pram will often send them to sleep, so you’ll get a good hour or so of silence! Going for a walk around a nice area is relaxing as well as some good exercise – you’ll need that spring in your step!


I agree with all of these points! It is so important to relax in whatever way you can after having a baby. I plan on letting my parents and in laws baby sit as much as possible and getting out the house most days. Fresh air can work wonders in reducing your stress levels and after an hour strolling around with the buggy or walking to a coffee shop you will feel like a brand new person.

Have you got any tips on how to relax after having a baby? I would love for you to share them in the comments for any first time parents reading this.

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simple ways to relax once you become a parent


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Disclaimer: This post is a collaborative guest post. I did not write the main article but had full editorial control. Remember, I would never publish anything I didn't think you would find interesting or useful.

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    This post will be really helpful for new moms.

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