The weekend at home

I have been missing my parents and family a lot recently so it was nice to go home for the weekend.  It’s funny how I still call my parents house home even though I haven’t lived there for almost 6 years, anyone else do that?
 On Saturday we went to Aberystwyth to visit my poorly nan in hospital. The sat nav said it was going to take just under 2 hours to get there, what a massive lie that was! Several B roads and almost tears later, we finally  arrived in Aber only for Leo to have a massive tantrum because he didn’t want to hold our hands by the road or sit down for lunch. When we eventually got to the hospital Oli couldn’t come in with me because my nan didn’t think it was fair on other patients to have Leo screaming and running all over the ward. It was hard seeing my nan looking so ill and frail, especially without Oli there for support. I was finding it hard to hide the fact I was upset so it was a relief, and a surprise, when my sister appeared for a visit.

Saturday night we went out for a meal for Oli’s mums 65th birthday. I was feeling a bit down after the hospital and the thought of a nice meal and a drink or two cheered me up. My brother had Leo for the evening so me and Oli could have a night off. It was lovely as we got to spend time with Oli’s family and my parents, sister and nephew were there as well. It only took one glass of wine before I started to feel a bit tipsy! They managed to get a few of our orders wrong so instead of the stuffed chicken breast I was expecting, I got a massive chicken pie instead. I couldn’t finish it but somehow still managed to eat a massive piece of cheesecake topped with crumbled Welsh cake, amazing! We got home around midnight and sat around watching Britain’s Got Talent, which was made more entertaining due to the alcohol we had been enjoying all evening.
Leo seemed to know Mummy and Daddy had had a late night and thought he would be clever and wake up at 6.45..ahh! Oli went off to play golf and my parents went to the hospital so Leo and I had a fairly chilled out day. We spent some time with Oli’s mum and her new puppy Millie, she’s so cute! I was absolutely shattered so when Leo decided he wasn’t going to take a nap I was on the verge of a breakdown. Luckily for me Leo was quite happy to play with his toys while I lay on the sofa trying to ignore the mini hangover caused by 2 glasses of wine!
Me and Oli were treated to 2 baby free evenings (this has never happened) and on Sunday night we went to the cinema with Oli’s brother. The cinema was an hours drive away, I was still tired and unfortunately this meant I was also a bit grumpy. We went to see Avengers 2, Oli and Jamie were being excited fan boys while I was struggling to keep my eyes open. I was enjoying the film but despite that and the pulsing cinema surround sound,  I still somehow managed to fall asleep. It was only for a minute but in that minute key plot moments were missed and I spent the last half hour of the film in a confused, sleepy state.
Oli decided to be amazing and let me have a lie in on Monday. We didn’t get home until half12 Sunday night so God only knows what kind of mood I would have been in if I had to get up at 7! The morning was spent playing with Leo and the puppy and just generally lazing around with Oli’s parents.

I was sad when it was time to go. Leo loves seeing all his family and I miss them all so much when we are back in Swansea. In a couple weeks time we are all off on a big family holiday to Devon and I can not wait!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend, anyone get up to anything fun?

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