A week of smiles #2

My little family and I have done lots of fun things this week but it has also been a really sad week. On Wednesday we got a phone call from the vet saying our lovely cat Blue had been found but unfortunately he had already passed away. The news was devastating and I have cried a lot so it has been hard to smile this week. Lucky for me though I have an amazing son and husband who have cheered me up.

Week 2 has been a challenge but I have still managed to find 10 things that made me smile this week..

1. A family swim and chippy tea.

2. Leo trying to sing.

3. Spending the day with my Nan on Wednesday.

4. Nan teaching me how to knit, turns out I am pretty good for a first timer.

5. Playing the Fifty Shades of Grey drinking game.

6. Strawberry picking.

7. Leo had his first ever milkshake.

8. Spent the day on the beach watching the Welsh National Airshow.

9. Bought myself a pretty new top.

10. Leo learnt to sign Giraffe and Baboon, so cute!

What has made you smile this week?


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