A week of smiles #3

This week has been so fun! You may have noticed I have not blogged much this past week. The reason for this simply being me and Leo have been too busy enjoying some quality time with my lovely family. My parents have been here since Tuesday and Oli’s parents and brother stayed last night.

Unlike the past 2 weeks where I have struggled to find 10 things that made me smile, week 3 has been overflowing with happiness.

10 things that made me smile this week…

1. Chasing a giggly Leo around upstairs.
2. Leo ‘helping’ me bake biscuits.
3. Learning to purl stitch (knitting is my new obsession).
4. Lunch overlooking Rhossili bay with my parents.
5. Date night with Oli on Thursday – Ted 2 is pretty damn funny!
6. An invite to a good friends daughters christening.
7. Playing with Millie the dog.
8. Leo being adorable and showing off to all his grandparents/uncle.
9. Mum took me clothes shopping.
10. A big family bbq last night.

It’s been a fab week! What’s made you smile this week?


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