The best bottle for breastfed babies – yoomi self warming bottle review

yoomi self warming bottle review

Breastfeeding or bottle feeding, when it comes to baby feeding it can be very difficult at times for both mummy and baby to figure everything out. Alex is breastfed, we had a few issues to begin with (bleeding nipples being the worst!) but now he is almost 9 months old and feeding is pretty much problem free. There is one little issue though, I wouldn’t exactly call it a problem but it has caused me a fair bit of grief over the past few moths, Alex won’t take a bottle. If you are a breastfeeding mum you will understand how relentless breastfeeding can be and sometimes all you want is a break from it, to pop to the shops or go on a girlie night out or to just have your body back for a day. As a smaller baby Alex would occasionally take expressed milk from a bottle, we had a lot of success with the Lansinoh Momma bottle in those early months. For some reason though, probably due to the fact we weren’t giving him one regularly enough, Alex started to refuse all his favourite old bottles. Formula or breastmilk, he would just scream whenever the bottle went anywhere near him. Even if he was starving Alex wouldn’t let the teat be placed in his mouth. This has been going on until a couple weeks ago when we received a miracle in the post from innovative baby feeding brand yoomi. This may sound like a pretty bold statement but I believe the yoomi feeding system is the best bottle out there for a breastfed baby. Here’s our review of the yoomi self warming bottle so you can find out why.. View Post

Wishker – children’s book review


Recently I received a few lovely children’s books in the post as I am a Boolino blogger. I love getting children’s books to review as, I am sure you know by now, my Leo absolutely loves books and I always enjoy finding some new stories to share with him. I will be sharing my reviews of these three exciting books over the next few weeks, first up is my review of Wishker, a fun story all about a magic cat. View Post

Nappy changing on the go made easy with Sondrew portable change station

sondrew portable change station

It is no secret that when you have a baby that suddenly leaving the house becomes a major operation. The urge to take out everything but the kitchen sink becomes very real, leaving the house with only one change of clothes for the baby is seen as some kind of madness. Well, yes, you can no longer just nip out with only your purse, keys and phone but you can get away with just packing the essentials in your nappy changing bag; your baby will not go through 10 outfits in a day and a whole packet of nappies, honest. Nappy changing on the go can be difficult at times, not all public places have nappy changing facilities and sometimes baby change rooms can be a bit grim anyway. One thing you must have in your change bag if you want to be able to change your baby in comfort wherever you go is a travel change mat. Recently I was asked by Sondrew to review their portable change station, it is the perfect baby product for us parents who don’t want to carry the whole house out with us but want to still be able to have everything we could possibly need to deal with our baby’s nappy needs. Here is what we thought. View Post

WaterWipes review – the best wipes for little bums?


If there is one thing every parent to be should buy in bulk before their little one arrives it is baby wipes. Babies seem to enjoy pooing a lot and it is surprising how many wipes you can get through in a single day. It can be difficult deciding which wipes to buy with so many different brands out there, most of which claim to be perfect for newborn skin, and it is also hard as you don’t know how sensitive your child’s skin is going to be. Alex is 5 months old now and we have been using supermarket own brand wipes up until recently. There have been a few occasions where Alex has suffered with mild nappy rash and we have had to use some Care&Protect to clear it up. Recently we were given the opportunity to test out WaterWipes, the only baby wipes out there made almost entirely of water. I was interested to review these wipes to see if using wipes free from any chemicals really made any difference to Alex’s sensitive skin. View Post

FUM – children’s book review


Ever since he was a baby Leo has loved books and his love for stories has just continued to grow and grow as he has got older. My boy is such a bookworm and I love it, it is one of the things he has inherited from his Mummy. As I am a Boolino Friend I get sent fabulous children’s books to review and Leo gets so excited every time a book is delivered from Mummy’s ‘work’. Recently we received a wonderful book called FUM, here is what I (and more importantly Leo) thought of this fairy tale with a twist. View Post

Get your face on a cake – Caketoppers photo cupcake review


When it comes to cake, I am a little bit obsessed. I love the stuff. If it wasn’t frowned upon I could easily have cake for breakfast and when people respond to the question ‘do you want a piece of cake?’ with ‘OK but just a slither’ I think they’ve got issues. Who in their right mind would just want a slither of the good stuff? You are probably wondering why I am going on about cake, well it’s because recently I got to try out some amazing cupcakes from Caketoppers and these cakes were extra special as they were decorated with photos of my family. View Post

SafeDreams cot wrap and baby soft toy review

cot wrap

If there is one thing parents to be and new parents alike obsess over, it is baby sleep. Should my baby sleep in a cot, moses basket or bed side crib? Should I be co sleeping with my baby? Will my baby EVER sleep through? Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Baby sleep is a hot topic amongst us parents that’s for sure. As well as always striving for that magical full night of sleep, the safety of our children while they have a snooze is of paramount importance to parents. Thanks to babybundle‘s SafeDreams range parents can be sure their little ones are sleeping safely, when they do eventually decide to drop off that is! Alex was lucky enough to be sent a cot wrap and cuddly soft toy from the SafeDremas range, here is what we thought of these innovative bedtime products. View Post

Pumping made easy with Lansinoh – Single electric breast pump review


Breastfeeding has pretty much dominated my life for the past 3 months. While I do love cuddling up on the sofa and giving my little man a feed, having a baby demanding milk every 2 hours or so can be pretty exhausting. Thanks to breast pumps, babies are still able to have the breastmilk they love and us Mums can get a break too – yay! I have been using a manual pump on and off since Alex was born but I just wasn’t getting on with it, the effort it took to get 4oz of milk out just didn’t feel worth it. I was delighted when the lovely people at Lansinoh sent me their single electric breast pump and some feeding bottles to try. Lansinoh are my all time favourite brand for breastfeeding products so I was feeling hopeful that their single electric breast pump would not disappoint. Here is what Alex and I thought of our new feeding time friends. View Post

Beautful personalised gifts from Arty Apple – Taggie blanket review

arty apple

When it comes to buying people gifts, I am a sucker for anything personalised. Nothing shows you have really put thought into buying a present than a gift that has been given a little personal touch. Arty Apple is an online store selling beautiful fabric personalised gifts for babies and young children. If you are looking for a special gift for a baby shower, new baby or Christmas present then it is definitely worth checking out their website. We were sent a gorgeous taggie blanket to celebrate Alex’s birth, beautifully handmade by Amy, mumpreneur and founder of Arty Apple. View Post

My nappy bag essentials – featuring Sudocrem Care and Protect review

sudocrem care and protect

It is no secret that once you have a baby your home becomes inundated with baby related paraphernalia. Wipes, baby grows, knitted blankets, bottles, cotton wool buds and so much more, every room of your home is littered with the stuff. When you decide to venture out with your little bundle of joy you will have to take quite a lot of stuff with you, essential items to help you and baby make it through the day in one piece. But what to pack in your all important changing bag? Pack too much and you end up with a sore shoulder and a bag bursting at the seams. Don’t pack the right things and you can find yourself facing a poonami without the correct tools in your survival kit. Packing a nappy bag is all about trial and error and after making several errors when Leo was a baby, I now feel I have learnt from my mistakes and know exactly what qualifies as a nappy bag essential. So, here it is, a list of changing bag must haves especially for you parents-to-be or those of you with a new baby who are still packing everything bar the kitchen sink in your changing bag.. View Post