The Snugglewump – children’s book review

The Snugglewump – children’s book review

It is time for another children’s book review, I am a blogger for Boolino and regularly get sent exciting new books to read and review with Leo. Recently we were sent a lovely story called The Snugglewump, here is what we thought..

The Snugglewump – Children’s book review

Book title: The Snugglewump
Author: Lou Treleaven
Illustrator: Kate Chappell
Publication date: May 2017

“They all forgot the Snugglewump. It listened as it lay. Then sighing, flopped on to the floor and snugglewumped away.”

The Snugglewump is a tale of a little girl named Molly’s comfort blanket, affectionately known as the Snugglewump. One day all of Molly’s toys are waiting in her bedroom for her to come home and play with them. Each toy boasts about why Molly likes them the best, they all argue amongst themselves while the Snugglewump feels more and more left out. The Snugglewump feels fed up that he is not a toy and that no one remembers him, he flops out of the cat flap and that’s where the adventure begins.

As the story progresses we follow the Snugglewump on his journey after he runs away from Molly’s house. Things don’t go very well for the poor old Snugglewump, he gets stuck to someone’s shoe, falls in a puddle and a bunny even uses him as a hanky. You can’t help but feel sorry for the Snugglewump while reading this story, he is very fed up and miserable that he is not a ‘proper toy’ and everything just keeps going wrong for him. Don’t worry though, there is a lovely happy ending to this story and when you finish reading you will no doubt be reminiscing about that one extra special toy you had as a child.

Leo loves The Snugglewump , he loves the bickering between the toys at the beginning and is always happy when everything works out for the Snugglewump in the end. Lou Treleaven has written this wonderful story in easy to follow rhyme and there are no words Leo couldn’t understand, he’s 3.  The illustrations by Kate Chappell are drawn in an almost child like fashion but I think that just adds to the charm of the story. The Snugglewump goes on his adventure at night and all the pictures of dark blue skies with yellow twinkly stars make this the perfect book to read just before your little one goes to bed. Though he may just be a comfort blanket, the illustrations of the Snugglewump really help bring him to life, in full on multicolour as well.

The Snugglewump really is a lovely little story, it delivers the message that even if you don’t feel it sometimes, you are special and there is always someone who treasures you and loves you dearly. Leo and I love to get cosy and read this book together, he doesn’t have a Snugglewump but he always likes to cuddling his teddy when it’s storytime. I would definitely recommend The Snugglewump if you are looking for a new story to read at bedtime.

What is your favourite story to read with your children, have you read The Snugglewump yet? Time to take a trip down memory lane, what was your favourite toy as a child? I would love to hear your thought.

The Snugglewump is available to but from Boolino.


Disclaimer: As a Boolino Friend I receive books in return for a honest review. All words and opinions are my own.

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