A week of smiles #4

I absolutely love this time of the week. I get to just curl up on my sofa, check back through my diary and look at my pictures and reflect on all the things that have made me happy over the last 7 days. This week I am writing this while a new addition to the family attacks my feet. If you follow me on Twitter/InstaGram you will already know this news, we got a kitten on Wednesday! She’s an adorable, energetic bundle of black and white fur and we all love her to bits. We have named her Jessy, I bet you can guess why! (I totally blame Jessy’s arrival on my huge lack of blog posts this week by the way.)

We have had a few stressful moments this week (who hasn’t?) but once again lots of different things have made me happy.

Jessy the cat!

10 things that made me smile this week…

1. Spending all day Monday with my Nan knitting and drinking lots of tea.

2. Leo saying ‘Ello darlin’.

3. Sorting out the bookcase (this made me happier than it probably should).

4. Cwtching in bed with Leo in the mornings.

5. A rainy walk on the beach with Leo collecting shells.

6. Getting Jessy the kitten.

7. Silly family selfie time.

8. Leo being ridiculously happy when I showed him his new minion wellies.

9. Spending time with my brother and his girlfriend today.

10. Watching Oli and Jessy messing around.

What has made you smile this week?


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