About Naptime Natter


Naptime Natter is a family lifestyle blog inspired by my family. There’s me (Wendy, hi!), Oli my husband and our three children – Leo, Alex and Tilly. My family and the things we get up to are the main inspiration for this blog and my kids are just as much a part of this whole thing as I am. They may not spend hours typing at the computer or editing photos for Instagram but they are always more than happy to test out products for reviews and they provide me with countless post ideas just by being their amazing little selves.

Naptime Natter is written by one modern family for another; parenting is a crazy ride and it always feels easier when we know we’re all in it together. Big shout out to all of you that are also in the not-so-secret parent club, I hope you find some posts here that can inspire, enlighten and help you.

Naptime Natter has posts that will pick you up on your hardest day with the kids and posts that will celebrate you on the days that you’ve got this parenting thing down. If you find time between nappy changes, playing hide and seek and reading storybooks, pop the kettle on and have a read.


So this is me, Wendy, I am 30 years old and when I am not busy juggling working from home and looking after 3 energetic tiny humans I can be found with my nose is a book or upside down in downward facing dog. Yea, I love yoga. It’s a fairly new obsession but yoga has worked total wonders for my mental health. That’s something I write about a lot here by the way, maternal mental health and the importance of self care when you are a mum.

I have been a stay at home mum since my eldest was about two and in the last few years I have been working from home around the kids. I write for an independent fostering agency in the West Midlands as well as writing articles for a digital marketing agency based here in Swansea. Working from home is always a juggling act but I love what I do and I feel so grateful to have a job that doesn’t feel like a job at all because I enjoy it so much.

The beach is my happy place and I love family days out exploring somewhere new. You know, those kind of days where you are out in the fresh air all day, grab a coffee somewhere, watch the kids run free and then probably end up getting a McDonald’s on the way home. Obviously those days don’t always go to plan (we have three kids after all!) but when everything runs smoothly and everyone is happy there really is no other way I would want to spend my day.

That’s about it really. If you want to get to know me properly then follow me on Instagram. I chat A LOT on stories, sharing the ups and downs of motherhood and I just chat about all of the things, really (oh and I share loads of videos of me doing yoga because it was seeing people sharing their workout videos that inspired me to get moving!).

I hope you enjoy my blog. One day I might write a book and I hope if I do that you will enjoy reading that too 🙂

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