Time for a blog break

As you all probably know by now, me and my family are moving to Southampton at the end of this month and there is SO MUCH TO DO!

I find it quite amazing how much stuff Oli and I have managed to accumulate over our 6 year relationship. We have already made 3 trips to the charity shop, packed up a whole room and taken apart some furniture and it honestly looks like all we have done is make a massive mess.
Along with all the physical packing there is a list of boring, paper work type jobs that need doing. Find a new doctor/dentist/vet and register with them (only the cat for the latter, obviously), cancel internet and find perfect TV and broadband deal for new house, change address on important documents – the list just goes on.
So it is fair to say that getting everything organised for this big move is taking up a lot of my time. To be honest my heart hasn’t been in my blog for a few weeks now anyway.  Although I am excited about the move I am feeling quite anxious and I am finding it difficult to concentrate. I sit at my laptop with good intentions of banging out an interesting post and instead thoughts of meeting new people and moving Leo away from everything he knows creep in and disturb my train of thought. I feel as though my posts lately are nowhere near the standard of writing I know I am capable of. As well as using this time to sort out moving, I am going to use this blogging break to try and reconnect with my inner blogger and decide what it is I truly want from this blog. 
There are lots of things I still need to sort out on this here blog. I have been live since the end of March and have still not managed to sort out any share buttons (this is driving me nuts) and I can not decide on a layout, changing it every couple weeks or so. In any free time I manage to salvage between packing boxes and scrubbing the bathroom tiles with a toothbrush, I am going to sort out the layout of my blog and finally fix all the little bits that I have been neglecting. Hey, if I am really productive I might even write a couple posts, with no pressure of a deadline they might even be pretty good.
Most of all I want to take this break so I don’t waste a single second of the time we have left in Swansea. Instead of wasting time staring at my Twitter feed or reading other blogs (which I love doing by the way), I want to be running around on the beach and taking in the beautiful views of the Gower one last time. When I would normally spend Leo’s naptime writing this blog, I want to spend that time getting jobs done so the afternoon is completely free for us to go for walks and meet up for goodbye play dates with friends. We do these things anyway but sometimes I get caught up in my blog and the time is gone before we know it.
I am sure I am going to miss my blog but I don’t plan to be gone for long. I will be back at the end of this month, when all that is left to do is say goodbye to our little house, post the keys through the letter box and set off to start our new life in Southampton.
See you all on the other side. 
Have you ever had a break from your blog? Did you find your blogging break beneficial or did you just spend the whole time wishing you were blogging? As always, I would love to know!

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