Tips on planning your wedding when you are parents

Tips on planning your wedding when you are parents

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At the end of May Oli and I celebrated 10 whole years together, that’s a whole decade! We got married six years ago and at the time I had a little tiny Leo growing away in my belly. Planning a wedding when pregnant wasn’t too difficult but there were some logistical things that needed thinking about, the big question mark over whether my dress would fit on the big day was a cause of much anxiety leading up to the wedding! Some parents never marry, some people get married before babies and some get married after, if you fall into the latter then this post is for you. This guest post is full of tips if you are planning a wedding and you already have a child or children. I hope it helps you to plan the wedding of your dreams and, remember, try not to let the planning stress you out, a wedding is a happy occasion and the most important thing is that you and your partner have a lovely wedding day when it arrives.

Tips on how to plan your wedding when you are parents

Having a baby can bring a happy couple even closer together. With all this added love in the relationship, it’s possible that a proposal will soon come after you have started your family. Getting married truly is the icing on the cake. However, being a parent does mean that you’ll face more challenges when it comes to planning the wedding.

Your wedding day will still be a magical day, and you deserve to enjoy the same feelings as anyone else. Nonetheless, your responsibilities as parents mean that you will take a different approach. Here’s all you need to know.

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Focus On The Important Items Only

The average cost of a UK wedding sits around the £30k mark. As parents, you may feel that some of that money would be better spent on other things. While this shouldn’t stop you spending money on the items you deserve, getting your priorities right is essential.

Wedding outfits and rings are probably the most crucial elements. Meanwhile, a quality wedding band and photographer should be high on the list. However, you can save lots of money by asking a friend to bake the cake or complete the flower and table arrangements.

Juggle the need for wedding day luxury with a thrifty attitude in the right areas to strike a winning balance. With a little creativity, your wedding becomes cost-efficient and, more importantly, unique to your love. What more could you ask for?

Involve The Kids

If you are still relatively new parents, involving your baby can be a little tough. However, if your children are old enough to understand what a wedding is, getting them to feel excited is of huge importance. If nothing else, it’ll help you find more time for putting the preparations in motion.

Children can take on various roles such as page boy or flower girl. Meanwhile, they can help with DIY invitations and other small preparations. Simply ask for their opinions along the way to make them feel that they are interacting and participating with the plans.

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A small gift as a reward for their hard work and role within the wedding can certainly help sweeten the deal too. Besides, there’s no greater gift than seeing your child’s enthusiastic reaction to the big wedding plans.

Trade The Honeymoon For A Family Break

After investing lots of time and money into the wedding itself, justifying the same for your honeymoon can be tough. One of the best ways to overcome this is to go on a family holiday instead. This can reduce the costs significantly while you will still spend time with the kids.

Losing out on the honeymoon may feel a little disappointing, especially if you haven’t been away since the babymoon. Nonetheless, there will still be plenty of time for you newlywed parents to take a short break together at a later date. Perhaps a weekend away to celebrate one month of marriage.

In truth, you’ll be on cloud nine as newlyweds anyway. So, in many ways, celebrating your marriage with a holiday a few weeks after the big day makes a lot of sense. After all, it extends that newlywed excitement a little longer.


I hope you have found this guest post helpful if you are planning your wedding, there are lots of useful tips here. Did you get married after having kids, how did you approach the wedding planning stage? Any tips to add to this post?

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tips for planning a wedding when you have kids


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Disclaimer: This is a guest post. I did not write this article but had full editorial control. Remember, I only publish content I think you will find useful and enjoy reading.

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  1. January 24, 2020 / 11:28 am

    “a quality wedding band and photographer should be high on the list.”

    – I’m so glad you wrote this. Although I would never want someone to regret making such a big purchase, skimping on this, for a saving of a few hundred pounds and then regretting the decision, isn’t really a saving at all. And absolutely, involve your children – kids at weddings make for some of my favourite photos!