My monthly bucket list – September

It is official (ish), summer is over. Leo and I went for a walk today and there were already orange, crunchy leaves on the ground. August has been a bit of a confused month in terms of the weather but we have still managed to have a good one.

In fact, August has been a pretty life changing month actually. As some of you might know, my husband has got a new job and we are packing up ship and moving to Southampton at the end of this month. I feel like there has been lots going on this month but I think I have managed to tick off a few things on last months bucket list

1. Make sure Leo has the best birthday ever – Done! We threw Leo a minion themed 2nd birthday party and he loved it. He got lots of presents, saw all his family and ate lots of cake. I am pretty sure he had the best day ever.
2. Sort out life – Well kind of done, I don’t think I will ever feel I have my life completely ‘sorted’. However, Oli accepted his new job so I have been busy getting boxes together and sorting bits out and getting ready for the big move.
3. Finish knitting my hat – Nope, I gave up. I just had no motivation to knit a hat I didn’t even want and I knew wasn’t going to be good enough to give as a present. I have instead started a chunky knit jumper and in the last 2 days I have knitted more than I have in the last month.
4. Dedicate more time to blogging – So I bought myself a laptop this month but I still haven’t managed to up my blogging game. I am finding it difficult to focus and with so much stuff going on right now I am struggling to find dedicated writing time.
5. Finish reading Us – I am so close! I think another couple chapters and I will finally have finished it!
6. Get a hair cut – Done! My wonderful husband treated me to a trip to the salon. Feeling a lot more human now and less like cousin It.
Now on to this month…
1. Write CV – Boring but has to be done. Once we move I will need to start looking for a job and my CV is in desperate need of a make over.
2. Pack – Another boring one but it has to be done. I am so not looking forward to packing our home up, I think I am going to find it very stressful but quite emotional too.
3. Say goodbye to my favourite places – I am going to be sad to leave Swansea, before we go I want to visit all the places I love one last time. A trip out to the Gower and a play down the beach have to be squeezed in amongst all the packing and cleaning.
4. Do more messy play – Leo loves getting his hands dirty and discovering different things but something about messy play makes me feel a bit panicky. I am going to try and silence my inner clean freak and find some fun, messy activities for Leo and I to do.
5. Finish jumper – Ambitious I know considering I gave up not even half way through my hat. I think I can do it though, an hours knitting every evening and who knows what I can achieve.
6. Relax and enjoy Centre Parcs – The weekend before Oli starts his new job we are off to Centre Parcs with our families. Although it is right before we move, I am planning on having everything sorted so I can spend our break just relaxing and enjoying myself and not stressing about the new start.
That’s it for now. I am not sure how much of this I am going to get done but I am going to give it a good try. 
Have a lovely September 🙂

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