5 Tips To Reduce Stress To Manage Your Mental Health

5 Tips To Reduce Stress To Manage Your Mental Health

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I haven’t written about my mental health on this blog for a very long time. After I had my second baby, I frequently wrote about postnatal depression and anxiety. Alex is five now and while I do still have my struggles, my mental health is much better than it was. Over the years I have learnt ways to look after my mental health, helping me to be happier person and a better mum. I practice yoga every day, I write in my gratitude journal every night, I swim in the cold sea once a week and I try to speak as kindly to myself as possible.

People deal with stress and the anxieties of modern life differently and today’s guest post is full of ideas on how you can look after your own mental health. I hope you find this post useful and learn some new strategies that you can use to start to feel like your happy self again.


5 Tips To Reduce Stress To Manage Your Mental Health

Mental health is as important as physical health. When you are healthy mentally, it positively impacts your personal, social, and professional life. However, when you are not healthy mentally and let stress take over your life, it can harm your personal, social and professional life. However, stress is a normal response to everyday events and pressure; what we do with it matters the most. It’s only when stress becomes chronic that it affects our mental health adversely. Recent studies have also shown that people who manage their stress well are happier than those who don’t know how to cope with stressors in their lives. Here are some tips that can help you reduce stress so you can manage your mental health:


Address Your Stressors Head On

If you are facing stressful situations in your life, it is essential to understand the root cause of the stress. Asking yourself why a particular situation is causing you stress can help you take the necessary steps to deal with it better. For example, if a specific problem at work is causing you a lot of stress, ask yourself if you are putting too much pressure on yourself. Or if you are expecting too much from your team members, causing stress for them because of deadlines that must be met.


Exercise Regularly

Endorphins are chemicals in the brain that make you feel good. When stressed out, it is usually accompanied by a feeling of low energy. However, exercise can help reduce stress and low energy by increasing your body’s production of endorphins. Studies have shown that regular exercise can help you sleep better, lower your stress levels, and reduce your risk of developing depression.





Another way to reduce stress is by using CBD oil. CBD oil is derived from hemp and is known to help reduce anxiety, relieve headaches, and help people sleep better. CBD oil can be consumed in different ways. You can try using a CBD oil tincture, a spray, CBD Patches or even a CBD-infused balm for massage. CBD can also be used with other wellness practices such as meditation or yoga. Even if you don’t experience significant stress levels, CBD oil can be a great way to maintain your general mental health. 


Improve Your Sleeping Habits

Creating a good sleeping environment that helps you relax and fall asleep faster. Sleep deprivation can cause various adverse effects on your health and wellbeing, including an increased risk of anxiety and depression. Avoid consuming caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine close to bedtime to improve your sleeping habits. You can also reduce the amount of blue light your body is exposed to before going to bed by removing your computer, cellphone, and TV from your bedroom. You can also try doing relaxation exercises before going to bed.


Practise Meditation

Stress can cause you to become more agitated and irritable and can cause you to lose focus. As part of your daily routine, it is essential to take time off from your daily activities to practice meditation. You can start with a short meditation session of 10 to 20 minutes. You can be seated comfortably with your eyes closed, or you can practice yoga or tai chi to relax your mind. You can listen to calming music, read a book, or write your thoughts in a journal. Daily meditation can help you clear your thoughts, reduce stress, and make better decisions. It can also help you focus better and increase productivity.


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