3 simple ways to beat summer holiday boredom

3 simple ways to beat summer holiday boredom

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The summer holidays are here! We are into week 2 now and so far so good but I am already running out of ideas (and money!) on how to keep the boys entertained. This summer holiday is going to be particularly challenging as baby Tilly is here so getting out and about isn’t as easy when you have a newborn tagging along too! If your kids are already starting to whinge about being bored, here are three simple ways you can beat the summer holiday boredom. I hope this guest post gives you some inspiration and you no longer have to hear cries of ‘I’m boooored!’ from the kids. Good luck for the next month or so my fellow parents – you got this!

3 simple ways to beat summer holiday boredom

When you were at school, the chances are you adored the six week summer holidays at the end of every academic year. Finally, you were free to play outside with your pals, stay up late in the evenings watching TV and you never had to worry about pre-school morning angst. Fast forward a couple of decades, and now you dread the summer holidays. You are on the other side of the coin trying to temper the excitement of your little darling who has rushed through the front door yelling that school is out for summer. The main reason parents aren’t keen on summer holidays is because they can’t think of thousands of activities to do to stop their kids moping, staring at a tablet screen for weeks or getting bored. Don’t worry. If you have a brood with itchy feet in need of summertime stimulation, check out these ideas.

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Get Active

There are many ways to encourage your kids to tear themselves away from the TV set or laptop screen. If they are partial to a spot of salsa, ballet or jazz modern, why not sign them up with a dance school to partake in some special summer activities. They could spend their six weeks doing something productive, like putting on a ballet show. Alternatively, they might fancy having a go at some drama classes or they might want to head down to the local youth club to have a go at some new sports. If they show any sign of enthusiasm, harness it. It’s crucial that you try lots of different avenues to get your children away from social media. Facebook itself isn’t the enemy but the addictive nature of it could see your little darling doing little else but scrolling through their feed for six weeks. Getting active can stop this.

Quality Family Time

Try and ensure that the whole family has some time together at some point during the summer holidays. While you might not be able to afford an annual vacation to exotic shores, spending some quality time together as a family is invaluable. Consider holidaying in your home country, taking a few weekend breaks, or simply enjoying a staycation with some trips to the movies and theme parks. Kids adore spending time with their parents and summer is the perfect time to ensure that this happens. Hopefully, the weather is good, and you can enjoy spending some time outdoors, perhaps down at the park with a picnic or two, or even in the back garden rustling up a barbecue.

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Rainy Days

Unfortunately, we are not blessed with a tropical climate so there will be the inevitable rainy days. Arm yourself with craft materials – this could be pom poms, plaster of Paris figures, model kits, felt pictures, paints and canvases, and allow your kids to have their pick of media. Most children enjoy art, especially when their parents make a choice to get involved. So, whip on your own apron and get painting, felting or model making. This can also be a fantastic way to bond with your little cherubs.

Summer holidays needn’t be stressful. Find your inner child-like love for them once again by following these three simple steps.


Feeling bored? Not any more! Grab the craft box, get outside or take a trip somewhere fun. The summer holidays can be challenging but they are the perfect time to have lots of fun too!

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3 simple ways to beat summer holiday boredom

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Disclaimer: This is a collaborative guest post. I did not write the main article but had full editorial control. Remember, I would never publish anything I didn't think you would find interesting or useful.

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  1. August 2, 2019 / 9:29 am

    easy, simple and fun. Activities you can engage little ones into that don’t ask for too much effort? i am always in. Thankyou