A week of smiles #5

It’s Sunday again so it is time for another week of smiles. This week has been hard work, Leo is poorly with a chest and ear infection so I have pretty much just been cuddling him all week.

Although I have been playing nurse all week, amongst the tears and the countless episodes of Peppa Pig there have been moments that have made me forget about the hardship and smile.

10 things that have made me happy this week…
1. Jessy coming to sit by me without me prompting her.
2. Leo saying ‘mummy cuddle’.
3. Leo giving Jessy a kiss.
4. Binge watching Hollyoaks.
5. An evening out with my lovely Oli watching Avenue Q.
6. Making exciting plans for the future.
7. Drinks with the work girls (I wasn’t sick..honest!).
8. Baking cupcakes with my mum.
9. Spending time with my parents in their caravan.
10. Leo trying to play the Nintendo 64.
What has made you happy this week?

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