Tales from the potty: Chapter 2

Spotting the signs.

It has been a few weeks since my last tales from the potty post and things are progressing, slowly. Leo is continuing to get to grips with all his toilet vocabulary but I still don’t feel ready to take the plunge and say farewell to the nappies and by him a potty.
The no trousers look is a favourite at the moment!

According to lots of different books and websites, there are a list of things your toddler should be doing to show they are ready for toilet training.

Huggies pull ups website say there are 10 signs that your child is ready for potty training..

1. Stays dry for at least two hours
2. Is dry after a nap
3. Is uncomfortable in soiled diapers
4. Shows increased interest in the bathroom
5. Asks to use the toilet or potty chair
6. Has regular and predictable bowel movements
7. Asks to wear Big Kid or “grown up” underwear
8. Uses words or body language when he or she needs to go
9. Follows simple verbal directions
10. Walks to and from the bathroom, helps undress his/herself.
At the moment Leo is only ticking off 4 out of 10 things on this list. He is showing an interest in the toilet, stays dry for quite a while, knows where the toilet is and loves to take his trousers off. 
I am sure it won’t be long before he starts to tell me that he needs the toilet as he always tells me after he has done a poo. I am going to wait a little longer before starting to potty train him as he is clearly still not quite ready. In the next couple of weeks I am going to buy him a potty, just so he can get used to it and maybe give it a try if he wants to. Like I said in my last post, I am not going to push him because I have heard this can slow down the whole process even more.
Are you currently potty training your little one, how are you getting on? I would appreciate any advice you may have. 
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