About Me

break from parenting


My name’s Wendy. I am a 25 year old mum of two beautiful boys, Leo and Alex, and wife to my fab husband Oli.

I am a stay at home mum and when I am not doing the mum thing or blogging I am either reading vast amounts of fiction, taking photographs, baking cakes or binge watching box sets on Netflix.

My family and I love exploring the great outdoors and during the week Leo, Alex and I can often be found walking in the woods, playing in the park or running around on the beach. On the weekend we love to make the most of having Oli home and we enjoy going on big family days out.

I love blogging and I like to write about lots of different things. You can find posts here about the ups and downs of pregnancy and motherhood, if you are a Mum I’m sure you can relate to at least one of my posts. I also love to write book and product reviews, recipes, inspirational posts and whatever random thoughts pop in to my head.

I really want my blog to be a place where parents can come and read posts they can relate to and see they are not alone if they are having a tough day. Looking after small people is hard and sometimes it is nice to read about the experiences of others and to realise none of us really know what we are doing – but that’s totally ok!

I hope you find something you like here. If you fancy having more of a sneak peak into our daily lives, follow me on InstaGram and Twitter – I don’t just tweet blog updates, promise.

Thank you for stopping by my blog, happy reading!