Live first, blog later – my new blogging schedule

blogging schedule

I have been blogging now for nearly 18 months and I can confidently say it is my favourite hobby. However, as any fellow bloggers out there will know, blogging is so time consuming. There are always posts to be written, photos to be taken, promotion to be done, comments to read..oh the list goes on. A blogger’s to do list really is endless. With baby number two due to arrive in less than 8 weeks, I am starting to have a serious think about my blog and how I am going to be able to keep it going when I have a newborn as well as Leo to look after. I have decided to create a new blogging schedule in an attempt to be able to keep on writing, even through the sleep deprived and baby brain days.

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The Daddy Tag

daddy tag

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will probably know all about me by now. I talk about myself as a blogger, the day to day me, my thoughts, my feelings and, of course, I talk about myself as a mother a lot too. I do chat about my husband Oli quite a bit on here too but my blog is mine, my space, so you can’t blame me for banging on about myself a lot of the time, can you? So when Stef from Blabber Mama nominated Oli to take part in The Daddy Tag, I managed to coax him into the blogging hot seat so you can all find out a bit more about my lovely husband and Leo’s fabulous Daddy.  You have all heard of the Mummy tag, right? Well the amazing Frenchie Mummy has decided to mix things up a bit and has created The Daddy Tag, it’s fun and a great way to find out about the all Dads out there. That’s enough rambling from me, it is now time for Oli to take centre stage. Enjoy.

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The Great Dragon Bake Off – children’s book review

The Great Dragon Bake Off

I have said it time and time again on this blog, Leo loves reading. My boy is a complete book worm and when he’s not causing chaos (which, admittedly, he is most of the time), Leo loves being read a story or looking through his books himself. When I was given the opportunity to become a Boolino Friend and review children’s books regularly on my blog, I was so excited! Leo and I just love curling up on the sofa and reading and when The Great Dragon Bake Off by Nicola O’Byrne came flying through the letter box, we couldn’t wait to get cosy and have a read. Here is what we thought…

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Preparing your pet to meet your new baby – Top Tips from Odd Hog

pet baby

I will always remember the day we brought Leo home as a newborn. Our life as we knew it was over and this was also the case for our lovely cat, Blue. No longer would he have all our attention and love, he was always our fur baby but we now we had an actual human being to look after too. Blue was always pretty indifferent towards Leo, their first meeting consisted of a quick sniff from the cat, Leo’s newborn baby smell obviously melted Blue’s heart too because we never had any problems. However, not all pets take to a new member of the family so easily. For anyone who is worried about introducing their beloved pet to their newborn baby, lovely Kim who blogs over at Odd Hogg has some great tips on how to prepare your pet for the family’s new addition. Over to you Kim..

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Talking water births with The Irish Baby Fairy

water births

Water birth, it is something I had always turned my nose up at before having Leo. Sitting in a giant bath and pushing a baby out seemed such an odd concept to me, and if I’m honest, a little bit gross too. On the day I had Leo I was still dead set against it, that was until I realised gas and air does nothing and I was scared of having any of the harder pain relief. Suddenly, the thought of a birthing pool didn’t seem so crazy after all. I’m not going to say it didn’t hurt, but the pool helped so much and I was able to deliver Leo with no intervention at all and, considering he weighed 8lb 4, I got away with no stitches or grazing at all. Now I am all about water births, I definitely want one when the big day comes in October for baby number 2 to make his arrival and I tell everyone who asks how amazing they are. I am not a midwife though, I can only share my own experience. Today I have the lovely Lisa from The Irish Baby Fairy, a qualified midwife, to tell you everything you need to know about having a water birth. Fellow pregnant ladies, this one’s a must read. Over to you Lisa..

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BellyBuds review


It is only 9 weeks until baby boy’s due date and I can really feel a strong bond forming between us both already. I love feeling him kick and wriggle around in my belly and often find myself rubbing my baby bump with a smile on my face. Oli and Leo are bonding with baby boy too, Leo likes to sing to my belly and Oli loves having a chat with his unborn son. For non immediate family though it can be a bit more difficult for the baby to get to know their voices before he or she arrive into the world. This is where the awesome BellyBuds sound system comes in, the baby friendly speakers allow you to safely play recorded messages from loved ones as well as music to your baby while he or she is still in the womb. I have been testing out some BellyBuds myself and I think they are a really great idea and a fun little product to have as part of your pregnancy journey.

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How to party like a three year old

three year old

Leo is now 3! How on earth has this happened? My beautiful boy is growing up so fast, the toddler years are flying by in a noisy and colourful blur of tantrums, fun and chaotic madness. I am almost too scared to blink as I fear when I open my eyes we will be stood at the school gates on Leo’s first day and the toddler days will officially be over. To celebrate Leo’s birthday we had a whopping 3 days full of fun. Saturday was party day, Sunday was treat day to Peppa Pig World (post coming soon) and Monday was Leo’s actual birthday and we played with all his new toys and ate too many biscuits and cakes. I feel as though I have learnt a lot from Leo’s extended birthday weekend, I have now seen what a true party animal really looks like. For those of you who want a simpler, cheaper and hell of a lot funnier way to party than and a night out on the tiles, you might just want to keep on reading…

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The TMI tag – #vlogstars

tmi tag

I am officially the world worst vlogger. Ever. I probably upload a video to my youtube channel once a month, if my handful of subscribers are lucky! With blogging, looking after Leo, preparing for another baby and just general life, I struggle to find the time and motivation to sit and chat to my camera. So, to try and inject a bit of life into my youtube channel, this month I am taking part in the #VlogStars linky with Aby over at You Baby Me Mummy and Amy from Mr and Mrs T plus 3.

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Do you know the law when it comes to car seats?

car seat

As a parent, there is nothing more important to me than the safety of my child. I don’t wrap Leo up in cotton wool, far from it, he is allowed to explore the world around him as much as he wants under my watchful eye. However, when it comes to car safety there really is no room for compromise. Car accidents can happen at any time, you could be the best driver in the world but you can not, unfortunately, control how everyone else drives around you. If the worst was to happen, having the correct car seat for your child will make sure they are as protected from injury as possible. The laws surrounding car seats can be pretty confusing. To help you navigate your way around this essential yet sometimes mind boggling part of parenting, here are all the basics you need to know about car seats, including links to further reading if you need it.

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A very cakey day at The Cake College

the cake college

I love cake. I mean, what’s not to love right? Cakes look amazing, taste amazing and there is no way you can be in a bad mood if you’re eating cake. Gosh, I love cake so much I even revealed my baby’s gender by baking cakes! When my Mum said she had booked to go on a celebration cake decorating course, I asked if I could come to as, although my bakes normally taste good, I wouldn’t ever describe my cakes as pretty. So last Saturday morning we got up bright and early and headed off to The Cake College in Berkshire for a day full of cakey fun.

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