28 weeks pregnancy update

28 weeks pregnant

Here we are again, it feels like I just blinked and suddenly another 4 weeks has passed and it is time for my 28 weeks pregnancy update. I am now 27weeks and 4days but I saw my midwife this morning so I thought I would write my latest update a few days early.

Before I get stuck in with what has been going on with me and my baby bump, here is my gender reveal video in case any of you missed it…

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Working with brands part 1 – My top tips for new bloggers

working with brands

It is not very often you will find posts about blogging here on Naptime Natter. It is not that I don’t enjoy writing about my favourite hobby ever, it is just that I feel there are so many more experienced bloggers out there who can offer you much more valuable advice and tips than I ever could. You see, when it comes to stats and all that stuff, my blog is still pretty small. Although I may be a very small fish in the overflowing pond of parent bloggers, this hasn’t stopped me from working with brands.

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Pregnancy milestone cards from Babyblooms

Pregnancy milestone cards

I have mentioned before how much I am enjoying documenting my second pregnancy. I love writing regular bump updates and taking lots of photos of my rapidly growing baby bump. Pregnancy is such a special time and I know from experience, that once it is over, it can be forgotten all too easily. Maybe writing a pregnancy blog isn’t for you but there are lots of fun ways you can document your pregnancy. When Babyblooms got in touch and asked if I wanted to review their pregnancy milestone cards, I said yes straight away, I couldn’t think of a more adorable way to record all those important moments that happen when you have a baby on the way.

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How to save money when shopping for a new baby

shopping for new baby

Having a new baby is an exciting time for every parent, be it first time around, second time or if you are expecting your tenth baby. As most of you know by now, I am expecting my second little boy and I can’t wait for us to become a family of four in October. I am very unprepared though and with just 14weeks to go it is about time I started doing some shopping for baby. Bringing a new little life in to the world can be quite an expensive business, babies just need so much stuff.  If you are looking to bring the cost of shopping for a new baby down, here are my tips on how to save yourself some money.

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Birthday gifts my 3 year old really wants

birthday gifts toddlers really want

I am not sure how this is happening but my baby boy is turning three next month. THREE! I honestly don’t know where the time has gone. On the one hand it feels like no time has passed since I first set eyes on him, floating about in the birthing pool looking so peaceful and beautiful but then at the same time it feels like he has always been a part of my life. Birthdays bring with them lots of memories and sentimentality but it can also be a bit of a stressful time. Choosing birthday gifts for anyone can be difficult but when it comes to buying a present for your little ones there is always a bit of added pressure as you want to make sure you get them something they will really love. When shopping for Leo’s birthday gifts I always try and get something he will actually play with, something that will last more than a week and ideally I like to get a good deal on the price too. 

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Bumpbix – The BEST pregnancy snack ever


When it comes to biscuits and sweet things, I am a teeny tiny bit addicted. I am that person who doesn’t stop at just one biscuit, if I have opened a packet in the morning there is a very good chance I will have scoffed every last one of them by the time bed time comes. Pregnancy has not suppressed this love of biscuits, I would say being pregnant has actually exacerbated my sweet tooth.  Instead of craving weird things like lumps of coal or whatever, my dominant pregnancy craving has simply been all the sweet things.

I try not to act on these cravings all the time as I want to make sure baby boy is getting the best possible food and I am not turning him into a baby made of cookies and chocolate.  When I stumbled across Boobbix on Instagram and they offered to send me some of their Bumpbix cookies, specifically made for pregnant ladies, I could not have been happier. I can eat biscuits and they are actually doing my growing bump some good? It was like a dream come true for my inner biscuit junkie.

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Online shopping, every parents hero?

online shopping

There are lots of things I enjoy much more now I’m a parent. Trips to the beach, walks in the countryside, film days cuddled up on the sofa are all just a few examples of activities that are more exciting when you have a little one in tow. An experience that hasn’t been enhanced in the slightest by having a child is a trip to the shops. Ever since becoming a mum I am much happier sitting at home doing some online shopping than I am when out dragging my reluctant toddler up and down the High Street. Let me tell you, there is nothing therapeutic about retail therapy when you have to take your child along with you, unless you count torture as a form of therapy – for the record, I don’t.

Here are some reasons why I can often be found doing online shopping rather than hitting the shops..

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5 awesome reasons to start a pregnancy blog

pregnancy blog

There are so many different reasons people write blogs. Some people start blogging because they want to share their love of fashion, photography or travel. Others spend hours tapping out recipes and healthy lifestyle tips for their readers. There are also the book, TV and game lovers who want to share their reviews and opinions online. Blogs focussing on current issues, politics and lifestyle are easily found floating around the internet – there are even blogs solely about blogging! Like thousands of other bloggers out there, I write about family life and parenthood. I started my blog when Leo was 19 months old back in March 2015 and I am still loving every second of it. After becoming pregnant with my second child at the beginning of this year my blog has grown from just a family lifestyle blog and is now a pregnancy blog too.

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5 easy ways to be healthy


I don’t know about you but I am always looking for new ways to keep myself and my family healthy. Since becoming a parent I worry about my health more than ever, I want to make sure I am always eating a balanced diet and I try my best to get Oli and Leo to do the same. With a busy job and hectic family life, it can be hard for Oli to make sure he is eating a balanced diet and looking after himself. For men like my husband, the clever team over at Nuts.com have come up with 5 easy tips for men to follow to help keep themselves as healthy as possible, these tips are great because they can be applied to the whole family too.

So with out further a due , let me hand you over to Nuts.com with their 5 easy ways to be healthy..

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