Baby update – Alex is 1 month

baby update

Last Monday my baby boy turned one month old. How has it already been a whole month since I gave birth to my beautiful son? As you can imagine, these last few weeks have gone by it a bit of a blur, there have been days we have basked blissfully in our baby bubble and others where juggling two children has reduced me to tears. Life has been a bit chaotic since Alex arrived in October but I am absolutely loving being a Mummy to two lovely boys. It feels like a natural progression to write a monthly baby update on my blog after writing a bump update every four weeks during my pregnancy. So, here it is, Alex’s first ever baby update.

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My nappy bag essentials – featuring Sudocrem Care and Protect review

sudocrem care and protect

It is no secret that once you have a baby your home becomes inundated with baby related paraphernalia. Wipes, baby grows, knitted blankets, bottles, cotton wool buds and so much more, every room of your home is littered with the stuff. When you decide to venture out with your little bundle of joy you will have to take quite a lot of stuff with you, essential items to help you and baby make it through the day in one piece. But what to pack in your all important changing bag? Pack too much and you end up with a sore shoulder and a bag bursting at the seams. Don’t pack the right things and you can find yourself facing a poonami without the correct tools in your survival kit. Packing a nappy bag is all about trial and error and after making several errors when Leo was a baby, I now feel I have learnt from my mistakes and know exactly what qualifies as a nappy bag essential. So, here it is, a list of changing bag must haves especially for you parents-to-be or those of you with a new baby who are still packing everything bar the kitchen sink in your changing bag..

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Baby’s first bath with HiPP Free From range

HiPP Free From

Ahh, don’t you just love the feel of a newborn baby’s skin? So soft and silky and perfect. With skin so delicate and sensitive it is no wonder us Mums can be a bit fussy when it comes to the products we decide to use on our baby’s skin. Unfortunately, Alex was born with seriously dry and flaky skin, it was so bad on his hands and feet that it was all scabbed and sore. The midwife banned us from using anything on his skin (not even water) until it had cleared up. After a couple weeks of no bath time, once Alex’s skin was better I couldn’t wait to get him in the water and try out the new Free From range from HiPP, a selection of baby care products free from all nasties and perfect for use on newborn skin.

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A walk in the rain with my new Lighthouse coat

lighthouse style

It is that time of year again. The hot days and warm evenings of summer are becoming a distant memory as the evenings become shorter, darker and much much colder. Flip flops have been swapped for boots and sun dresses are now hibernating in the wardrobe while we all don our chunky knit jumpers instead. Although I don’t relish this cold weather, I do love autumn time. With all the fallen leaves turning the outdoors into a beautiful place bursting with colour, autumn is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air. My family and I love going for walks in the woods whatever the weather but I am always the one left soaked after our adventures as I never have a decent rain coat. This year though things are about to change, no longer will I be the one with a sopping wet jacket and ringing my hair out after getting drenched in the rain and this is all thanks to Lighthouse.

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Breastfeeding diary – The first 2 weeks


It has been just over two weeks since baby Alex arrived in the world and my days are now full of newborn cuddles, nappy changes, kissing tiny hands and regular declarations of ‘I’m so tired!’. The activity that is dominating most of my time though is feeding Alex. After having a successful breastfeeding experience with Leo I knew that was how I wanted to feed my baby this time around too. Although it may be as natural to a woman as giving birth, breastfeeding is not always easy – it can actually be really hard at the start. I have decided to document mine and Alex’s breastfeeding journey to try and show mums to be what breastfeeding is really like, a diary that is refreshingly honest compared to the information leaflets the midwives dish out before you leave the labour ward. In this first entry you can find out how Alex and I  are getting on with breastfeeding just 2 weeks in and discover what feeding is really like at the very beginning,

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The daily struggles of the heavily pregnant

heavily pregnant

Being pregnant has it’s many ups and downs, there are lots of little perks to growing a human but the journey is rarely a completely smooth one. The first 12 weeks are horrible for most mums, full of morning sickness and exhaustion but then the second trimester brings with it a boost in energy, exciting baby kicks and a blooming baby bump. By the time you arrive in the third trimester, your energy begins to slip away again and as your body is stretched beyond all recognition, it can be hard to hold on to that ‘pregnancy glow’. I am now 39 weeks and 5days pregnant, my pregnancy journey is almost over and I am so relieved. Obviously, I can’t wait to meet my baby boy and to get stuck into life as a family of four but I am also eager to say goodbye to all the daily struggles I am facing now I am the size of a whale. For any pregnant mummas out there blissfully enjoying the earlier stages of pregnancy, I thought I would give you a little insight in to what is to come, all the little struggles you will face when you are heavily pregnant and can barely remember what is was like to be able to see your feet (if you are a believer in ignorance is bliss, maybe you should go read one of my other pregnancy posts!).

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Pumpkin picking fun at Pickwell Farm

pumpkin picking

Don’t you just love autumn? The crunchy leaves, the beautiful colours, an excuse to drink hot chocolate whilst wearing your favourite jumper and scarf? One of the reasons I love autumn so much is because I love Halloween and what better way is there to get the whole family into the spooky spirit than to go pumpkin picking. After reading about Pickwell Farm over on the fabulous Dear Mummy blog and knowing how much Leo loves going to pick your own fields, on Saturday I knew exactly how we would be spending our morning and we all had a great time searching for the perfect pumpkin.

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