Our camping holiday in Somerset

Caravan Naptime Natter

It has become a kind of family tradition for Oli and I to go on a summer holiday with my parents every year. Last June we went on holiday to Majorca without them, whilst I had a great time with Oli and Leo I did miss having my Mum and Dad there. When it came to booking a holiday for this year we all decided a UK break was the best option and we booked 5 nights camping in beautiful Cheddar, Somerset.

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Time to take a blogging break

ice cream

Every couple of months or so I like to take a little break from my blog. I find disconnecting for a while and removing myself from the blogosphere does me the world of good. By taking a step back from blogging I am able to give more of my time and attention to my family and also indulge in my other hobbies, as well as enjoying some much needed ‘me time’.

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GlassesShop review

Glasses shop - Naptime Natter review

Do you have bad eye sight? Are you like me and really struggle when it comes to buying new frames? I have been wearing glasses ever since I was a baby so glasses shopping has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. When I was growing up glasses were not cool, you got picked on for being s ‘four eyes’. These days though there are so many beautiful frames to choose from, people with perfectly good vision are choosing to wear glasses just as a fashion accessory. Glasses shopping has changed a lot since I was little too, gone are the days of spending hours in an opticians hunting through frame after frame trying to find the perfect pair, now you can do it all from the comfort of your home on your laptop. I was recently contacted by GlassesShop to see if I would like to review their service and some frames, always on the hunt for gorgeous glasses, I obviously said yes.

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My 30 thoughts on Instagram

Camera - Naptime Natter

Who doesn’t love Instagram? Thousands of tiny squares full of gorgeous images, providing you with inspiration, motivation and a sneak peak into the lives of others. The whole world from every perspective is there for us to see, all we have to do is pick up our smart phone and look. I am no exception of course, I love Instagram., being a blogger as well I find it a really useful tool for connecting with other bloggers.

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The Vyne, Basingstoke – #mynationaltrust


Recently, my sister bought Oli and I a National Trust membership as a belated birthday present, this is my idea of a perfect gift. There are so many National Trust properties in the Hampshire area, so many places to explore and thanks to my sister, lots of free family days out for us to enjoy. I am going to make it my mission for us to visit as many as we can before our membership runs out next March. On Saturday we decided to see what this National Trust thing was all about and headed off to The Vyne in Basingstoke for an adventure.

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Wall Snaps prints review and exclusive discount code

Ever since I have been able to use a camera, I have loved taking photos. I love capturing photographs of people, places and whatever pretty thing catches my eye. It wouldn’t be difficult to describe me as snap happy and I am more often found behind the camera than posing in front of one. Since becoming a Mum I have got literally thousands of photographs stored on my phone and laptop, I am sure lots of you parents out there can relate. When the lovely team at Wall Snaps contacted me asking if I wanted to review some of their products obviously I said yes, what a perfect excuse to finally get some of my photos off my phone and out on display.

WallSnaps review - Naptime Natter
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Why parenting would be easier if I was the Mother of Dragons

Khaleesi - Naptime Natter

The brand new seires of Game of Thrones starts on Monday and it is safe to say that  I am more than a bit excited. Although I am still reeling from the end of series 5, #forthewatch #heartbroken, I can’t wait to see what this series has in store. My favourite thing about Game of Thrones is not the violence, the sex or the creepy White Walkers, it is following all the different characters and their messed up little lives. Most of my favourites have now fallen victim to the cruel writing of George R R Martin and been brutally killed off (sob) but one person who is still going strong is the woman of too many names to list, Daenerys Targaryen.

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5 early signs you MIGHT be pregnant

I found out I was pregnant this time around when I was already 5 weeks gone, I probably knew I was pregnant from about 3 weeks though. I don’t know if it is because this is my second pregnancy or because Oli and I were very much trying to make a baby but I knew I was pregnant at least a week before ever reliable Aunt Flo decided not to show up. When I sat on the loo and took a test on that Wednesday afternoon in February, I was positive it was going to be..well..positive!

Obviously, every woman is different as is every pregnancy but here are some very early signs that you might be preggers, knocked up, up the duff or however you want to say it..

1. Mysterious boob job – One night you go to sleep with your regular boobs and then the next morning you wake up looking like some kind of glamour model. It is highly unlikely a plastic surgeon has crept into your room in the night and given you free breast implants. Bulging out of your bra? You’ve probably got a bun in the oven.
2. Bloated – My body reacts to pregnancy by bloating the second that tiny egg has been fertilised. If your usual stomach suddenly looks like you’ve swallowed a balloon and is hard and painful then I would say there is more than just a food baby hiding out in  there. (At about week 11 my bloated belly disappeared over night, like someone had stuck a pin in it while I was sleeping or something).
3. Gross skin – Are you experiencing a sudden outburst of acne, spots to rival those that plagued you in your teens? Or maybe your skin is uncharacteristically dry and flaky? Pregnancy hormones can mess up your complexion, even in the very early days. Maybe grab yourself a pregnancy test too when you go buy some spot cream and a face mask from the chemist.
4. Painful boobs – Achy boobs are a killer, if yours are hurting more than they would during your time of the month then maybe it’s time to do a wee on a stick. Pregnancy is a great time for the look of your cleavage but owch, that weird tingly/stabby feeling you get deep in your lady lumps is not nice at all.

5. Tired all the time – I don’t mean just a bit sleepy in the evening, I mean feeling so exhausted you can barely keep your eyes open past 3pm. So tired you can barely function throughout the day, so tired it actually hurts. If you are feeling completely and utterly exhausted and you haven’t made any changes to your daily routine or run a marathon recently then, yep you guessed it, congratulations Muma.
This is just my experience of very early pregnancy, yours might be totally different. I have not included morning sickness as that usually kicks in around week 6, by which point most people would have realised their period is late and taken a test.

So, are you trying for a baby or maybe had a contraception mishap this month, has this post sent you running to Boots for a pregnancy test? If you are pregnant or already have a baby, what was your experience of very early pregnancy? Were you certain you were going to see two pink lines when you took your test? I would love to hear your experiences.

If you want a more professional list of symptoms, here’s what the NHS website has to say on early signs of pregnancy.

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