How Health and Self Care Go Hand In Hand

How Health and Self Care Go Hand In Hand

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I have been saying this for years, looking after your mental health is just as important as looking after your physical health. For a long time, during those early years of motherhood, I did not look after myself at all. I gave and gave and gave everything to my family, just like so many parents do. Guess what happened? I ended up more anxious, depressed and overwhelmed than ever. I had no hobbies, no self confidence and my head was full of negative self talk. Long story short, I eventually worked out how important self care was and now I feel better than ever before. If you are struggling to look after your own mental wellbeing, there are lots of tips in today’s guest post.

How Health and Self Care Go Hand In Hand

Taking care of oneself is an activity that should be considered in tandem with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and good behaviour. On the other hand, individuals frequently get the connection between the two a little bit backward, and as a consequence, their practices of self-care are not nearly as beneficial in the long run. Even if you do not think of it as self-care, the simple acts of brushing and flossing your teeth, investing in teeth straightening, and going for a walk to get some fresh air are fantastic examples of self-care that can be practised in very tangible ways.

Even if the act of putting on some makeup makes you feel great when you look in the mirror, it is a good idea to think about something that will help to give you energy and make you feel refreshed as a complement to this action.

The following are some things to keep in mind if you are someone who wants their self-care routine to go above and beyond and make them feel better at a pace that is more than in the moment.

Get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Even if it feels exactly the opposite of what the phrase is supposed to indicate you are doing, it is vital to take yourself out of your comfort zone from time to time to practice good self-care. Because it is possible for a comfort zone to turn into an isolating environment, and who is to say that you will truly acquire the assistance you require right now if you are determined to cultivate it?


Establish limits

The next step is to establish some parameters or limits. If you are a person who is constantly giving to others, you have to be able to carve out some time for yourself to practise good self-care. Self-care is something that you need to be able to dedicate yourself to. Make sure that your phone is turned to the “Do Not Disturb” setting so that you will not be disturbed by any texts that come in. You should let the other person know that you cannot chat right now, and you should even set a time in your calendar just for you.

Taking the steps that are required

In conclusion, practising good self-care means giving yourself what you need, no matter how simple or insignificant an action may be. 

It is typically the greatest way to move forward when you push yourself a little bit right now. When you feel good physically, you can also feel much better mentally, which is why it is important to push yourself a little bit right now. You have challenged yourself by leaving your comfort zone and making time for yourself, and as a result, you are in a much better place.

Taking care of oneself is an essential component of maintaining one’s health. Make sure that you are continuously focusing on what it is that you truly need.


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