#BlogCrush – week 27


It is time for #BlogCrush blog linky again – these weeks are just flying by. Firstly, I am the worst linky host ever as I didn’t even realise it was the #BlogCrush half birthday last week! I wish I could blame being busy or something but truth be told I wasn’t really tracking the half year anniversary and I can’t believe it has come around so soon. So, thank you everyone who has linked up with us for the past half year and for those loyal linkers who have been joining us every week since the very beginning.

This week Lucy is having a well deserved break and is off camping in Wales with her family, loyal linker Kelly from Daydreams of a Mum is stepping in to help me with the commenting so be sure to check out Kelly’s host post this week too. View Post

Back to school essentials with Spider-Man and the Disney Store

disney store

Leo is starting school next month. I am only just accepting the fact that my baby boy has turned four years old and I am struggling to get my head around the fact he is going to primary school in just a matter of weeks. Although there are many things I am dreading about my not so little man starting school, the manic morning rush to get out on time just being one of them, there are lots of things I am excited about too. One of those things is buying all the back to school essentials for Leo so he can start the new term with everything he needs. We have received lots of amazing back to school products from the Disney Store to review and, let me just say this, my boy is going to be the envy of all his Spider-Man adoring friends come September.  View Post

You are 4 – a birthday poem for Leo

you are four

You are 4

Once you were just a faint pink line,

the promise of a family and a dream come true.

When the doctor told me I cried with relief,

I felt like I had waited forever for you.

You lived in my tummy for a little while,

every stretch and every kick filled me with joy.

Then at 9.03 on a Thursday you arrived in the world,

we finally met you our baby boy.

That day you were born I couldn’t sleep,

I couldn’t take my tired eyes off you all night.

I couldn’t believe you were really mine,

I just watched you while you held my finger tight.

A beautiful baby everyone said,

gorgeous hair, blue eyes and a lovely smile.

The image of your dad we all agreed,

though you looked like me too for a little while.

Twelve months flew by in a heartbeat,

suddenly you were one and eating birthday cake.

A year since you arrived and changed my life,

so many memoires made and so many more to make.

You were always happy and laughing,

a sociable toddler who thrived on attention.

Baby groups and soft play fun were some of your favourites

but the thing who have always loved most is affection.

At two years old things were difficult,

your biting and tantrums bringing us both to tears.

Fiercely independent and often infuriatingly stubborn,

yet you were also far too clever for your small years.

Confident, cheeky and loving,

just three of the many words to describe you.

A happy baby and mischievous toddler

but sometimes the devil in disguise when you were two.

Another twelve months and then you were three,

a boy who loved dinosaurs, super heroes and a certain blue train.

Flashing plastic toys swapped for hours building train tracks,

you would choo choo along before breaking it and building it again.

Play school started around this time,

you used to desperately cling to me and cry.

Lovely teachers, friendship and toys helped you settle in,

before long there was nothing stressful about the drop off goodbye.

So much has happened since you were just a line,

you are an amazing son and now a big brother too.

Always our baby but so grown up now,

next month you start school and I don’t know what I’ll do.

And today another twelve months have gone,

you have grown and changed even more.

Today is another special day,

it’s your birthday and I can’t believe you are four.

Once you were just a pink line,

the start of a family and a dream come true.

Once I could only imagine who you would be,

I am so happy you turned out to be you.


Happy birthday to you my beautiful boy Leo. I hope you have an amazing day, I know you will because I am taking you to the zoo and you love the zoo. I might even let you eat cake at breakfast as well. Love you lots sweetheart, lets see what adventures are around the corner, I hear being four is pretty fun.


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Is it time we put our smartphones down? – #babyLove My Toddler Life book review

my toddler life

“I will play Lego with you in a minute.” *said while staring at a screen*

“You want me to read that book again? I will do in a sec.” *said while staring at a screen*

“Can mummy just take a break from playing hide and seek for a bit?” *said while reaching for a phone*

“Why don’t you just watch some cartoons for a little while?” *said while reaching for a phone*

“You look so cute in this photo.” *said while immediately uploading to social media*

“Can you just do that again, this picture is blurry.” *said while trying to get a perfect picture for social media*

Does any of this sound familiar? Do you feel like there is an extra person in your family? That extra ‘person’ being not a human who actually needs and craves your attention but a technological device that somehow seems to steal so much of your time. I am going to be completely honest, I feel like I am living as part of a family of 6. This family set up appears near enough nuclear on first appearances but it’s true make up goes like this: Mummy, Daddy, child 1, child 2, Mummy’s phone and Daddy’s phone. View Post

#BlogCrush – week 26


Welcome back to another week of #BlogCrush with myself and my lovely linky co host Lucy. How has your week been? We have been so busy with lots of outings but I have been ill too with some horrible chesty cough thing so that has sucked a bit.

Thank you for joining us for #BlogCrush this week, I really love the community of bloggers who come and join us every week and spread so much bloggy love by commenting on so many posts – you guys are amazing.


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Breastfeed with confidence with The Bshirt – review

the b shirt

Breastfeeding in public is not really something I struggle with now I am a second time mum. I am of the attitude that if my baby needs feeding then I am going to feed him, it doesn’t matter where I am or if there are strangers around. This was not the case at all when I had Leo, as a first time mum I found breastfeeding in public really nerve wracking to begin with and would go to great lengths to try and be as discrete as possible. There were numerous occasions where I would go and feed Leo in my car while we were out shopping or I would just try and time outings around his feeds in those very early baby days.  Establishing breastfeeding can be really difficult and the last thing any new mum needs is to feel stressed out when feeding because her clothes don’t make her feel confident when feeding her baby. Recently I got to review a brand new nursing top by a lovely new brand called The Bshirt. If you are trying to get feeding established and don’t want the fear of breastfeeding in public to hold you back then get this top on your must have list now. Here is what Alex and I thought of The Bshirt .. View Post

Why blog? – The Newbie Takeover #6 with The Mummy Bubble

why blog

The Newbie Takeover guest blogging series is back! I took a bit of an unplanned break from this series, not because I didn’t have any submissions but because the summer holidays happened. I have been trying my best to keep up with blogging commitments but having to look after Leo and Alex full time again has meant I’ve had to let some bloggy things slide in order to spend lots of quality time with the boys. Anyway,  I’ve managed to claw back a bit of time so I am now relaunching The Newbie Takeover and next up is Vicky from The Mummy Bubble with a brilliant post about why you should blog. Over to you Vicky.. View Post

Mental health after pregnancy – Reflecting on the darkest days

mental health after pregnancy

Recently I went to see my GP again about my mental health as I had been struggling with a low mood and had been feeling emotionally run down for a while. I went through a period of a couple months where I had started to feel back on top form, I was loving my life as a mum of two and everything was good but then that familiar cloud of depression began to lurk over my days again. The doctor doesn’t want to give me medication and I don’t think that’s what I want either, actually as soon as I spoke (cried at) to her I felt a weight lift off my shoulders and in the days that followed I started to feel better. Since I started opening up about my mental health way back at the beginning of the year I have learnt that talking is a powerful tool when it comes to recovery. Talking and writing have helped me so much and it may be hard to get the words out but once you overcome that hurdle it really does help. View Post

Lansinoh Feed With Confidence Awards 2017 – what are your thoughts on breastfeeding in public? (Lansinoh giveaway)

lansinoh feed with confidence

As you may already know, this week (August 1st-7th) is World Breastfeeding Week, a week to celebrate breastfeeding, change peoples negative views on breastfeeding and to help people learn more about the most natural thing in the world. If you read my blog regularly then you will know I am passionate about breastfeeding and I share a very honest account of what breastfeeding is really like in my breastfeeding diary.

The UK has one of the worst breastfeeding rates in the world, considering we are a country that knows how beneficial and amazing breastfeeding is, for some reason, research from 2015 shows that only 0.5% of mums are still feeding their babies by the time they reach 12 months old. View Post

#BlogCrush – week 25




Hi everyone, happy Friday! Well, it is actually Sunday morning as I write this because we are headed off for a caravan holiday this week and I will have no internet or computer to set the linky up so I am being super organised.

Thanks everyone who linked up with us last week, we had a big boost in linkers which was lovely to see. Lucy and I really love reading your posts and seeing everyone spread so much love on Twitter, it really makes our Friday to read how happy bloggers are to be chosen as a #BlogCrush.


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