4 ways to beat the lockdown blues – tips on survivng lockdown for mums

4 ways to beat the lockdown blues – tips on survivng lockdown for mums

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Lockdown is over! Or isn’t it? Anyone else finding it hard to keep up? More businesses and places are opening up to the public and lockdown is definitely easing but Covid-19 is still lurking amongst us and no one would judge you for wanting to stay safe at home for a little longer. We are going out more, the kids have been to the playground a few times and Oli and I have been out to the pub and for a meal in a restaurant but I do still feel uneasy when we have been out a lot in a short space of time. If  you are still staying at home more often than not with the kids, then it is totally understandable if you are feeling down and a bit miserable. Lockdown life as a mum is hard, I still don’t know how I managed to survive the strictest weeks of lockdown with my three kids! If you are finding life at home tough, today’s guest post is full of tips on how to boost your mood and feel better while staying at home with the kids.

4 ways to beat the lockdown blues – tips to survive lockdown when you are a mum

There’s no denying that lockdown has affected virtually everyone from all walks of life. It might seem like lockdown measures are easing in some places, but for some people, that extra freedom is still a dream.

If you’re a mum and find yourself unable to leave the house for lockdown or self-isolation reasons, you’re likely having a tough time – especially when you have to self-isolate for medical reasons rather than just government-enforced ones.

With that in mind, the good news is there are some ways you can beat those lockdown blues. Take a look at these examples that will actually work and help you get through these strange days that we all find ourselves in:

Have fun theme days with your kids

Spending most of your time at home isn’t much fun and it’s incredibly stressful when you’ve got one or more kids sharing that experience with you. One way to break up the monotony is by creating some fun theme days with your children at home.

For example, you could have a disco theme and wear some funky clothes, do some karaoke and dance to your favourite songs, and even have a little party in your home! You could even turn a room into a dance hall of sorts!

Give yourself a mini-makeover

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you have to give up on your sense of style and fashion. You could give yourself a mini-makeover by dyeing your hair, adapting your hairstyle, or wearing different combinations of clothes.

If you wear glasses, you could even upgrade your eyewear to something newer. Visit website to see what frames you could buy and have them delivered to your door along with the right prescription lenses fitted in them.

Give your garden a makeover

If you have an enclosed garden, you could improve how that looks to keep yourself busy (and sane). There’s a tonne of ideas you might consider from planting new things through to painting your fence panels and shed vibrant colours.

Plus, gardening is something your kids can also get involved with, and it keeps their young minds occupied as well.

Plan different games to play with your kids each day

The thing about lockdown boredom is that your kids are experiencing that too. But, with a little thought and creativity, you can break up the monotony. One great way to do that is by playing different games with your kids each day.

Another advantage of planning different games is that you can get your children away from the TV and computer and mobile device screens. Take a look here for some examples of the fun and exciting games you can play with your children each day.

Final thoughts

Lockdown and self-isolation for medical reasons doesn’t mean you all have to sit at home every day and do nothing but stare at the walls. Nor does it mean you have to spend your time sitting in front of the TV or a computer screen and doing little else.

The above is just a small subset of amazing ideas to beat the lockdown blues and keep your mind and those of your children occupied.


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