How to enjoy the motherhood experience right from the start

How to enjoy the motherhood experience right from the start

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Being a new mum is such an overwhelming and emotional time. I can remember being absolutely besotted with Leo but completely terrified at the same time. I had an actual baby, a teeny tiny human I was responsible for and it felt pretty scary at times. It can be hard to enjoy every moment of new motherhood, there are so many changes happening at once and so many new things to get used to. For many women, those early days as a mum aren’t always as they had imagined. Today’s guest post is full of advice on how to enjoy motherhood right from the start, featuring some really practical and actionable tips.

How to enjoy the motherhood experience from day one.

You’ll hear a lot of people talking about the joys and wonders of motherhood. Yet, while they’re not wrong, it’s important to remember that not everybody has an experience that’s mind-blowing from beginning to end, or at least not automatically. Sometimes, the world has other plans — and motherhood can begin to feel like a stressful experience, or simply not as fun as you thought it might be. The good news is that because this experience is so common, we’ve gotten pretty good at figuring out what we need to do to enjoy things more. Below, we’ll take a look at a few key pieces of advice that’ll push you in the right direction.

Slow Down and Appreciate

If there’s one thing we know about being a new mother, it’s this: it’ll be over before you know it. You’ll have a lot of responsibilities, and life will begin to feel like it’s moving at a million miles per hour. While you can’t trim down your duties (well, it’s unlikely, anyway), there are things you can do that’ll slow down your experience of time. Meditation is one. It’ll bring you to the present, and also give you the mental tools you need to appreciate the moment you’re in. If you don’t, you might find that the whole experience passes by in a blur


Handle the Stress Factors

You might be overjoyed with your new baby, and the role you’re in, but it’s important to remember just how influential “the real world” can be. It doesn’t take a backseat just because you’re living a new reality. And left unchecked, it could end up derailing your happiness. Think about the money issue, for example, which can bring a lot of stress into a young family’s life. It’s important that you’re actively working to manage your financial situation so that it’s healthy. If you’re carrying debt, then take a look at the Debt to Success System reviews freedom scam. It’ll free you from your debt burdens, and all-around allows you to enjoy time with your baby without worrying about your bank account. 

Utilise Your Support Network

Happiness is at its most potent when it’s shared with other people. To get the most from your motherhood experience, be sure to let your friends and family in on the experience. You’ll be busy, and the temptation will be to shelter yourself away, but there’s power in having your loved ones around you — and it’ll be good for your little boy and girl too, who will have plenty of love around them. 

Look After Yourself

Finally, remember to look after yourself. New mothers are sometimes taken aback by how devoted they are to their new baby. It can feel as if all your energy goes into them; they are everything. But your priority should be yourself. This is not selfish — actually, it’s the opposite. You’ll be able to perform your duties much better if you’re eating well, exercising, and all-around ensuring that you’re in a positive state of mind. 


What advice would you give to a new mum struggling to enjoy motherhood? What was the best piece of advice that you ever received? I would love for you to share your words of wisdom in the comments.



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