5 tips for entertaining kids at a wedding

5 tips for entertaining kids at a wedding

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Confession time, I have only taken my kids to a wedding once. And when I say kids, I mean kid. And when I say kid I mean a 9 month old baby. It was fine, it was my sisters wedding and Leo was still small so could easily be distracted by a quick stroll in the pram or a feed. If I got invited to a wedding now I would be way too terrified to take all three kids along. Sometimes you can’t get childcare though and other times you want your kids to join in the fun, but how do you keep kids entertained at a wedding? If you have a wedding coming up and the kids are tagging along for the nuptials then today’s guest post shares 5 top tips for entertaining kids at a wedding.

5 top tips for entertaining kids at a wedding.

Many say that children and weddings don’t mix, and in some cases, this might be true. However, as we grow older and many of our friends and family have little ones, and we might too – it is impossible to think of celebrating a marriage without our children present.

Today we want to talk about weddings and how you can plan your wedding day to entertain the kids and keep them happy. As we all know, weddings can get a little quiet and for a child can be boring – which is why these ideas will spruce up the day for them and keep them in line. 

Have a photo booth

One of the first ways that you can keep the kids entertained during your wedding day is to hire a photo booth for the evening with props that they can play with. Finding the right wedding photographer near me can be a challenge but some of them will also offer services such as a photo booth and this can be a great game for the kids at the wedding. They will be occupied dressing up and posing and this will leave you to enjoy your evening without worrying about tantrums. 

Giant garden games 

If you are hosting a summer wedding and it will be outdoors in the afternoon, one great way to entertain children is with giant garden games. Giant Jenga, Connect 4, and hook a duck can be fun for the adults and the kids at your wedding and it will keep everyone suitably entertained for the day. 

Add coloring puzzles to their table 

Consider when you would go out to a restaurant and you would be able to get some crayons and a coloring sheet or puzzles for the kids. Bring that idea to your wedding breakfast and provide the children who are dining with you a place to doodle and something to keep their minds occupied during the food and the speeches. This can be a great way for them to pass the time and it will ensure that they don’t start a tantrum. 

Have a treasure hunt 

Kids love a treasure hunt. If you have permission from your venue; go ahead of time and try to set up some sort of treasure hunt for the kids at the wedding with clues leading them to different pieces of furniture or different people at the wedding. A treasure hunt can be such a good way to tire a child out and keep them entertained for a while during the afternoon of the wedding. 

Hire an entertainer

Another way to keep the kids occupied on the day of the wedding would be to hire an entertainer such as a clown or a tv character to come and make the kids laugh and keep them happy. This can be a brilliant idea and will not only be fun for them but you might also get a few laughs out of it. 


Use these ideas to help keep your kids occupied this year and help them to enjoy the day as much as you. 



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