How to help friends and family through tough times

How to help friends and family through tough times

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I haven’t written about this here, but something awful happened at the beginning of September. On the 6th of September my Dad passed away after catching Covid in August. These last few weeks have been the absolute worst of my life, I am completely heartbroken. I have never known a pain like losing a parent, it’s devastating. My friends and family have been amazing, so kind and supportive. I don’t know how I would be able to get through this grief without them. If you know someone who is also going through a difficult time, this guest post is full of advice on how you can help. 

How to help friends and family through tough times.

As a parent, you want and need to put your immediate family first. However, it can be difficult to concentrate on your household when you know that a friend, sibling, or cousin is struggling. So, helping them may be the best way to help yourself too.

There are several ways to help loved ones through different difficult situations. The following five should give you the inspiration to support yours when they need it most.

Help Them Gain Professional Help In Severe Situations

Virtually everyone in your life will face obstacles in their lives. However, it’s the most severe situations that naturally worry you the most. In many cases, those issues will be far beyond your personal capabilities.

Still, you can get your loved one the help they deserve. Criminal defense experts can provide the legal services needed to face DUIs or false allegations of assault and other crimes. Even when they are innocent, it is a stressful time. So, professional support and regular updates will be beneficial for their mental health.

Or your loved one may need extra help to beat problematic relationships with substances, cigarettes, or gambling. Once again, your love and guidance towards the right expert can work wonders. It should also give you an added layer of comfort.

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Help Them Get Organized With Their Finances

Money shouldn’t be our biggest concern in life. Sadly, it often is the case, especially when faced with debt. Likewise, if your friend or relative has recently split up with their partner, they may struggle to cope with the financial change.

Once they fall into this trap, it becomes hard for them to think logically. However, you can help them by teaching them how to save money or create a budget. Cutting unnecessary costs and making small sacrifices can yield huge results. Simply knowing that their finances are moving in the right direction will lift a weight from their shoulders.

You can also provide emotional support when they contact creditors to come up with repayment plans. Other options include offering them a loan, although you must protect yourself in this situation with a contract.


Help Them With Positivity

Whatever problems your loved one is facing, the journey ahead will feel less scary when they know that they’re not alone. So, your presence and positivity are probably the best gifts you can give at this time.

There is no doubt that your positivity will influence them, even when they are in a dark period. The fact that they will be able to let some steam off is important too. Treating them to a cheap night out or a takeaway could work wonders. Crucially, you should try to reassure them that things will get better. It can work for career issues, breakups, and bereavements.

The knowledge that you’ve helped a loved one regain their composure will enhance your life too. Not least because you will be better positioned to place more attention on your household. Although you should maintain the support network for your friend too.


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