Breastfeeding diary – the reality of breastfeeding a one year old

breastfeeding a one year old

Well, we did it! One whole year of breastfeeding. It was always my aim since I became pregnant with Alex to try my best to breastfeed him for his first year and I’ve only gone and done it. It’s not always been easy, we had latch issues and I experienced a lot of pain during those first couple of weeks but I feel so proud that we pushed through and our feeding journey is still going strong 12 months on. With the rise of the mummy blogger there seems to be a lot more honest advice and stories online about what breastfeeding a newborn is like, which makes a nice change from the very impersonal approach most nhs leaflets and antenatal classes seem to take. I’ve written all about it myself in previous breastfeeding diary posts and have even written a guest blog for The Bshirt all about how to breastfeed with confidence. When it comes to the realities of feeding an older baby though the stories from other mums on their feeding experiences start to thin out. Just as breastfeeding a newborn comes with it’s own challenges, breastfeeding an older baby is not as easy as you may think either. So, as Alex and I have smashed our feeding goals and are still going, I thought I would share with you what it’s really like breastfeeding a one year old, in case you too decide to keep feeding your little one into toddlerhood. View Post

Breastfeeding diary – 6 months of breastfeeding, we did it!

breastfeeding at 6 months

We did it!! 6 whole months of breastfeeding, I am so proud of myself and Alex for reaching this feeding milestone and I can’t believe how quickly it has come around . I haven’t updated my breastfeeding diary in a while as, to be honest, after the struggles we had in those first few weeks feeding has been going really well. However, now that Alex is 6 months old I couldn’t not write another diary entry to celebrate this achievement. View Post

Breastfeeding diary – How to survive a baby growth spurt

baby growth spurt

Welcome back to my breastfeeding diary. Since my last entry, written when Alex was 6 weeks old, breastfeeding has been going really well. Feeds are easy and painless and, although they are still very frequent, feeding times have become a lovely bonding experience for Alex and I. However, we have just been through a massive growth spurt which put me and my boobs to the test, if I thought Alex liked to feed a lot before I was very much mistaken. Babies tend to have lots of growth spurts in their first year, the major ones being at 2weeks, 6weeks, 3months and 6months. At 14 weeks old, Alex has been through 3 big growth spurts already and I thought I would share my tips on how to make it through a baby growth spurt when you are breastfeeding your baby. View Post

Breastfeeding diary – We made it to 6 weeks

breastfeeding diary

Welcome back to my breastfeeding diary, the place on my blog where I am documenting mine and Alex’s feeding journey to try and help other mums and mums to be see what breastfeeding is really like. Alex is now 7 weeks old and I am still exclusively breastfeeding him. It is often said that the first 6 weeks of breastfeeding are the hardest and once you pass this point feeding becomes so much easier. Is this true? Well from my experience I have to say yes! The past 6 weeks haven’t been all milky cuddles and relaxing feeds, the first two weeks were incredibly difficult (you can read all about that here) but slowly things have got better. Now 7 weeks in I can say breastfeeding is just another part of our daily routine, it’s just something we get on with and doesn’t cause me any stress at all. I have been keeping track of our progress from week 3 to 6 so you can see how we have got to this point. View Post

Breastfeeding diary – The first 2 weeks


It has been just over two weeks since baby Alex arrived in the world and my days are now full of newborn cuddles, nappy changes, kissing tiny hands and regular declarations of ‘I’m so tired!’. The activity that is dominating most of my time though is feeding Alex. After having a successful breastfeeding experience with Leo I knew that was how I wanted to feed my baby this time around too. Although it may be as natural to a woman as giving birth, breastfeeding is not always easy – it can actually be really hard at the start. I have decided to document mine and Alex’s breastfeeding journey to try and show mums to be what breastfeeding is really like, a diary that is refreshingly honest compared to the information leaflets the midwives dish out before you leave the labour ward. In this first entry you can find out how Alex and I  are getting on with breastfeeding just 2 weeks in and discover what feeding is really like at the very beginning, View Post