How to have a healthy and happy family dog

How to have a healthy and happy family dog

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I want a dog. I mean, I really want a dog. The timing isn’t quite right for our family though, Tilly is still small and I don’t think I can cope with a puppy as well as a very head strong todder! In a couple of years we will be seriously considering getting a family dog and I am so excited. If now is the right time for you to get a dog then you are going to want to read this guess post. Read on for lots of tips on how to have a happy and healthy dog.

How to have a happy and healthy dog

If you bring a dog into your life, then you’ll be setting yourself up for a nice domestic life. After all, dogs inspire a lot of joy, and there’s even research to suggest that they can help people to live longer. That’s pretty amazing! But of course, as with all relationships, it’s important to give as much as you take. This can even have a positive impact on your life, since the more love you give to your dog, the more they’ll give back to you. It’s a positive cycle that just keeps on giving. So how can you ensure that you put this positive cycle into motion? We’ll take a look at some tried and tested methods below.

Make Sure Everyone’s on Board


It’s all good and well if you want a dog, but it’s important to take the opinions of the other people in the household into consideration, too. Dogs want to feel part of a pack, and if there are one or two people who don’t like dogs, then the canine’s experience will be dampened. Before you adopt, make sure that everyone’s on board with the idea. Sometimes people just need a bit of convincing, but it’s good to get these things out of the way beforehand.


Provide Comfortable Spaces


Your dog will love being outside, but when they’re in the home, they’ll want to relax in much the same way that humans do. While your pet will find a place to unwind no matter what you provide, it’ll be more enjoyable for them if they have a space that they can call their own. When they want a little bit of alone time (as most dogs do), they’ll retreat to this cosy spot. Also, while you’ll likely have a couple of places in the house that are off-limits to your pet, you should try to give them as much freedom to explore in the house as possible.


Eating Well


You are what you eat, and the same goes for dogs. If they’re eating well, they won’t only be healthier — they’ll also be happier. Who doesn’t love eating delicious food, after all? You can give them the best of both worlds — health and happiness — by feeding them fresh pet food. This is better than the dried goods that you’ll typically find in stores. Some dogs just go through the motions when they have dinner, but if you have high-quality food, then they’ll look forward to dinner time just as much as humans do. 


Time with Other Dogs


Your dog is going to love spending time with you, but it’s too much to expect that you can be everything for your pet. There will be some things that you just can’t give them, after all. They can only get those things from other dogs. So why not look at incorporating some time with other canines into their schedule? You can do this by getting together with friends that have dogs, or by taking them to a dog park on your walks. 


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