How To Throw A Holiday Movie Party

How To Throw A Holiday Movie Party

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The festive season is here! I don’t know about you but I am so excited for Christmas this year. If you are planning on throwing any festive parties this December, today’s guest post is a must read!

When the holidays come around one thing is certain – you must throw a party! What better way to bring all of your favourite people together than with a joyous celebration? Combine that with your love of movies, and you have the perfect combination of fun, family, friends, and entertainment. Try these ideas to make your next holiday the best one yet.

Put On a Great Movie Line-Up

First things first, you need to pick a touching and joyful movie to fit the holiday season. Choose one of the appropriately-themed Christmas movies with Candace Cameron Bure. These are happy, upbeat, feel-good movies that will leave you feeling content once the credits roll.

Select one movie or play them back-to-back to create a theme of happy and content revelry.  Make sure you have enough comfortable seating for everyone on the guest list. If you should need more places for your guests to sit, do not fret. In a pinch, extra throw pillows, cushions, and blankets will work perfectly.


Plan a Delicious Menu

When you have a party, you need to have food. And not just any old food will do. Look for recipes that taste great and are easy to prepare. Opt for food that can stay out during the movies, if at all possible. Even if the main dishes need to retreat to the fridge after a while, if you put out non-perishable or stable noshes, your guest can graze to their heart’s content the entire evening.

If you would like to make hosting as painless as possible, consider making your holiday party a potluck. Not only will the process be less effortful for you, but you and the other party-goers will get to experience a wider variety of cuisine than if you had made it all yourself.

Watch this video for holiday menu inspiration.



Set Out Photo Props

Whether you like it or not, when your guests arrive, their smartphones will, too. Why not embrace it instead of fighting it? Set up a photo display area in your home and encourage photographic revelry. Some fun things to include are:

Finally, ask everyone to share their photos on your social media platform of choice to keep the fun going long after the party is over.

With these great ideas at hand, you are ready to host the best holiday movie party ever. Make it a fun and memorable event by taking these tips and making them your own. Your friends and family will have such a great time together that they will ask you to do it year after year. After all, what is better than loved ones, Christmas movies, delicious food, and fun?



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