#BlogCrush – week 11

#BlogCrush – week 11

I’m back!

I know I was technically back hosting last week but I scheduled last week’s linky post way in advance so it doesn’t count. I had the best time ever in Italy, what a beautiful country and after 10 days spent with all my in laws I can say I really feel like I had a proper holiday as everyone was more than willing to look after the boys. I hope you all had a wonderful time over Easter and are getting back into the swing of things now the new term has started, I have really struggled getting Leo to play school on time this week.

Before I get on with the linky, I wanted to share a few snaps from our holidays with you all as I haven’t got around to blogging about it yet ..


Teaching Leo to swim


Beautiful scenery in Perugia


Our beautiful villa


Alex on his first ever holiday


Alex’s first swim in an outdoor pool – not overly impressed!


More gorgeous scenery and 2 of my gorgeous boys


What a view


We loved the pool

DSC_1102 (2)

The Colosseum in Rome, it was pretty amazing

Ok, that is enough with the holiday spam, now on to the linky. If you are new here, #BlogCrush is a linky with a loving twist that I co host with Lucy from Lucy At Home. This linky is like no other as along with linking up one of your own posts you are also asked to link up a post from another blogger too. So, if you are here because someone tweeted you saying you are their #BlogCrush then congratulations, you have obviously written something amazing.

If you are a regular linker, welcome back! I love seeing bloggers returning every week to the linky and sharing so much love by commenting on lots of posts – you all ROCK!

Featured #BlogCrush posts

This week my #BlogCrush is Real Mum Reviews. I could so relate to this post as Alex has been hit hard with a sleep regression, I’m exhausted and I am fed up of being told to just sleep when he is sleeping – 10 reasons why ‘Sleep when baby sleeps’ is a STUPID thing to say

Lucy’s #BlogCrush is Dawn from Rhyming with Wine – Supermum (a paraody of Julia Donaldson’s Superworm)

Congratulations to you featured bloggers, if you would like you can grab the featured badge below to display on your blog. Also, if any of you noticed one of your posts featured as someone’s #BlogCrush in the last link up, feel free to grab the badge too 🙂

Naptime Natter

#BlogCrush linky – week 11

This week I am linking up my latest post Just another lonely Mum , this was quite a difficult post to write and I wasn’t sure if I was going to publish it. In the end I decided to share it in the hope that another lonely mum might read it and not feel so alone.

Lucy is linking up her post about joining Instagram (make sure to give her a follow!) – Oh Instagram, you have me quaking in my boots.

Naptime Natter

It is time to get linking! #BlogCrush is all about sharing the bloggy love, Lucy and I have noticed a few people not following our main rule of adding a post written by another blogger, can you please make sure you do this as it is the whole point of this linky. We don’t like being the blog police but it is not fair to just drop your own link when #BlogCrush is all about sharing content written by others as well as yourself. Also, my badge code doesn’t work sometimes, if you have any problems please massage me and I will try to sort it. THANKS!

Here are the rules ..
* The linky will run every Friday 6am – Sunday 9pm (UK time) 
* You can link up 2 posts per week – 1 of your own posts and 1 post by a blogger that you love, your #BlogCrush
* Please add BC in the inlinkz form when you add the link for your blog crush post
* Add the #BlogCrush badge to the post you are linking up from your own blog.
* Tweet @naptimenatter and @lucy_at_home on twitter and we will retweet your links
* Also, tweet your #BlogCrush to let them know you have added them to the linky
* Comment on one of my posts and one of Lucy’s posts, 1 personal post and 1 blog crush post – that is a total of 4 comments please. This  linky is all about sharing the blogger love so if you want to comment on more posts too then please go ahead 🙂
* Lucy and I will comment on all the posts and share them all on our Twitter accounts.
* Each host will choose a favourite post and feature it in the next linky post as well as linking it up as their #BlogCrush post in the following week’s linky.
* If you could also follow Lucy and I on social media then we will love you forever. Naptime Natter twitter , Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube Lucy At Home twitter , facebook

Happy linking lovelies!

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