The best bottle for breastfed babies – yoomi self warming bottle review

The best bottle for breastfed babies – yoomi self warming bottle review

Breastfeeding or bottle feeding, when it comes to baby feeding it can be very difficult at times for both mummy and baby to figure everything out. Alex is breastfed, we had a few issues to begin with (bleeding nipples being the worst!) but now he is almost 9 months old and feeding is pretty much problem free. There is one little issue though, I wouldn’t exactly call it a problem but it has caused me a fair bit of grief over the past few moths, Alex won’t take a bottle. If you are a breastfeeding mum you will understand how relentless breastfeeding can be and sometimes all you want is a break from it, to pop to the shops or go on a girlie night out or to just have your body back for a day. As a smaller baby Alex would occasionally take expressed milk from a bottle, we had a lot of success with the Lansinoh Momma bottle in those early months. For some reason though, probably due to the fact we weren’t giving him one regularly enough, Alex started to refuse all his favourite old bottles. Formula or breastmilk, he would just scream whenever the bottle went anywhere near him. Even if he was starving Alex wouldn’t let the teat be placed in his mouth. This has been going on until a couple weeks ago when we received a miracle in the post from innovative baby feeding brand yoomi. This may sound like a pretty bold statement but I believe the yoomi feeding system is the best bottle out there for a breastfed baby. Here’s our review of the yoomi self warming bottle so you can find out why..

The best bottle for breastfed babies – yoomi self warming bottle *REVIEW*

yoomi self warming bottle review 

What is yoomi?

yoomi was created by a mum and dad (just like us) who were finding warming bottles up in the night to be a real pain, hungry babies don’t really have much patience do they? Jim and Farah created the self warming bottle, it does exactly as the name suggests, this bottle heats up your babies feed in just 60seconds – eliminating the need to stumble about with a kettle and having to wait for milk to reach the perfect temperature in the middle of the night while your baby screams the house down.

Our yoomi experience ..

We received an 8oz yoomi feeding system to try out and I was excited to see if this bottle could really get my fussy boob addict to take milk from someone else.

The pack includes –

I must admit I felt abit overwhelmed when I opened the box, the warmer and pod looked a bit confusing at first glance. I gave the instructions a read through (ok, I read them twice – I was sleep deprived that day and I get confused easily when I’m tired!), I expressed some milk and decided to give the bottle a try.

yoomi self warming bottle

Setting up the yoomi bottle

Before using the bottle you need to sterilise it like you would any other bottle but you also need to sterilise the feed warmer. You can do this in a few different ways, boiling in a pan for 30minutes, steam sterilising for 30 minutes or , by far the easiest method, using a sterilising liquid/tablet like Milton. Once you have all your bits sterilised you need to them charge the warmer, this has to be done after every feed, the quickest way to do this is using the charging pod. You simply follow the instructions, pop the warmer in the pod and microwave then shake for the times stated in the manual – it is quick and easy and you know it’s charged if you can hear a rattling sound when you shake it. I know this all sounds a bit complicated but once you have done it a couple times it really is easy and the extra effort is SO worth it, I promise.

After charging you need to leave the warmer for 75minutes to settle and be ready for use, I just left it in the pot. Make sure you have done all of the above before your little one needs feeding otherwise you will end up with a crying hungry baby on your hands and that is exactly what the yoomi self warming bottle is designed to avoid. You could cool the warmer down quicker by popping it in cold water for 20minutes, don’t ignore this step as if you activate it too soon you could risk breaking it.

Once your warmer is ready you simply press the orange button, place it in the teat of the bottle and assemble the bottle with either your expressed breastmilk or premixed formula inside. I found that you need to press the button quite hard, my parents have used the bottle a few times and said it didn’t work, this is because you need to press firmly to activate the warmer. Once you press the button the warmer heats the milk as it passes through the warmer in the teat – the milk is heated to the same temperature as breastmilk from your body. You can find out the science behind how the warmer works by clicking this link.


So, does it really work?

Yes! Once I got the bottle all ready, I took Alex to his room and we cosied up in the nursing chair and then our bottle feeding woes came to an end. Alex started to scream as soon as he saw the bottle but I took the brief chance I had when his hands weren’t pushing me away and he latched on to the bottle as soon as it was in his mouth. Alex LOVES his yoomi bottle, he seriously loves it. The bottle is a lot bigger than other bottles, it is the most boob like bottle I have seen on the market. The teat ‘nipple’ is soft and very flexible and the wide neck of the bottle makes it seem more natural too. Alex has never taken a bottle from me before but he had no problem sitting with me and drinking from his yoomi.

My Mum, Dad and Oli have all successfully been able to give Alex the yoomi bottle with either breastmilk or formula and they have had no problems at all. Thanks to yoomi, Oli and I were able to have our first night away from Alex since he was born last October, something that was much needed as we were both desperate for some child free time. I can not stress enough how much of a relief it is to know Alex doesn’t need to rely on me 100% anymore for his milk, I am still planning to breastfeed him until he is one but it is so good to know I am able to leave him with someone else if I need to.

Where to buy yoomi

There are lots of stockists for the yoomi bottle, including JoJo Maman Bebe, Boots and Superdrug (full list of stockists here) and you can also buy from the yoomi online shop. The feeding system we received is £24.95, I understand this may seem a bit pricey but I would pay this (and more!) as the freedom this bottle has given me is priceless. I know parents who have bought every bottle under the sun and had no joy getting their babies to feed from it, it makes more sense to splash out this feeding system as you can save yourself a lot of stress (and probably cash too) in the long run.

yoomi self warming bottle

Final thoughts..

Alex loves his yoomi bottle and we have had a 100% success rate with it over the past few weeks, it really is a miracle in the shape of a bottle. This bottle is the perfect choice for feeding a fussy breastfed baby but would also make a great bottle for an exclusively formula fed baby too. The warmer means you can easily bottle feed on the go, you don’t have to find somewhere with a microwave/hot water to warm your babies feed – you could feed stress free in the middle of the woods if you needed to. The warmer also helps make night feeds easier (something all new parents need) and the teat and warmer work together to help reduce air bubbles meaning less risk of your baby getting colic.

So although it may seem expensive the yoomi self warming system is definitely worth every penny, a baby feeding must have.

You can see the full range of yoomi products here.

Do you breastfeed, have you had difficulty getting your baby to take a bottle? Have you tried out the yoomi bottle before? I would love to hear your thoughts and if you know anyone struggling with finding a bottle that works for them and their baby I would love for you to share this review with them.

Disclaimer: We were sent a yoomi self warming bottle system free of charge in return for this honest review. All words and opinions are my own.



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