Baby update – Alex is 10 months

Baby update – Alex is 10 months

Well, can you believe it? Double figures! Alex is now 10 whole months old and his developments has flown through the roof this month, I was looking at him yesterday and I couldn’t get over how much he looks like a toddler now and not so much a baby. Here is what has been happening since Alex’s 9 month update.

Alex is 10 months

baby update

What does he looks like?

Size: Ok so if you read this updates regularly you will know I suck at getting Alex weighed. I obviously haven’t been to baby clinic this month either but Alex is now out of his 6-9 months clothes and comfortably wearing 9 – 12 months. Oli and I both agree that Alex has grown loads these past few weeks and he really is starting to look like a toddler now. 

DSC_0156                         DSC_0188

Teething:  At last, we have more teeth! Alex has been so grumpy but this month 2 more teeth have appeared at long last. He has now got his bottom two and the left middle front tooth and the tooth to left of that one. He looks funny with teeth on the one side and not the other, Leo’s teeth came in in a funny order too. Alex has been dribbling so much and has been crying out in pain quite a lot too. I have felt helpless at times as none of the teethers we give him seem to be any help. I hoping the rest of the teeth come through soon so he doesn’t have to go through the pain any longer.




What he likes/dislikes: Alex is continuing to show lots of interest in his toys, he will it in his play area for ages just looking at all the various flashy lights and setting loads of signing toys off. He has grown fond of all of Leo’s toys too though which has been stressful for me as Leo doesn’t like sharing and most of his toys are a serious choking hazard any way. Alex does not like us taking things off him that he is not allowed and he has full on tantrums now, screaming when we say no and crying if we take toys off him! I am not ready for the terrible twos to come this early, thank you very much! Alex is in love with Leo and cracks up laughing at any little thing Leo does. He is obsessed with Row Row Row your boat and he loves clapping his hands now. Alex’s absolute favourite thing to is crawl and climb everywhere, he is so active and just doesn’t ever want to stop. It is almost impossible to change his nappy now as he just tries to roll over and crawl away. He cruises around the furniture now and it is clear to see he is so happy up on his feet.

20952136_10155838288526015_534513254_o                          20967758_10155838282291015_48586831_o


Character: Oh, Alex has been so much happier this month. He has still been suffering with a bit of separation anxiety I think but he is a lot better than last month. He is happier to be put down to play now and doesn’t seem to be feeling the need to constantly be in my arms now. He does still love his snuggles though and has started giving us all adorable opened mouthed kisses with a little ‘ahh’ sound too. I can see that this boy of mine also has a very cheeky side too, he laugh when you tell him no and joyfully giggle when he launches his food off the side of his high chair, I can see this one is going to be causing all types of trouble with his brother before long.


The day to day.

2017-07-31-11.32.07.jpg                lansinoh feed with confidence

Feeding: We are still going! I fed Leo for 10 months exactly so I have now been breastfeeding for longer. Alex still feeds 4 times a day and has this past week developed a habit of pulling at my top and screaming at my boobs when he wants milk. By this age Leo was only having one breastfeed in the morning and wasn’t overly bothered so we stopped; Alex gets grumpy if I dare try and skip a feed and, although he loves his food, he still wants to be breastfed during the day too.  I am aiming to feed him for a year and unless something drastic happens I can’t see Alex weaning himself off breastfeeding before he is 1.

20945210_10155838289826015_1608767293_o                   20951867_10155838291181015_714493150_o                         20991498_10155838291156015_605287502_o

Weaning: We have pretty much moved on to full on baby led weaning this month. I still make the odd puree but mostly Alex is just eating what we eat. Obviously if there is salf/honey/sugar or anything like that then we modify the recipe for Alex and make his in a different pan but mostly he is just enjoying family meals with the rest of us. He does still love an Ella’s Kitchen pouch when we are out and about though and I don’t feel guilty about giving them to him as they are full of good stuff. I made homemade fish fingers the other day which went down a treat and he has also tried a plum for the first time this month which he loved. Sometimes food does end up all over the floor but Alex really does enjoy eating and it does make me happy that we are not having any fussy eating problems like we have with Leo (yet!).

baby update


Sleeping: Sleeping has been really good this month. Alex is slowly learning to self settle when he needs to but most of the time he falls asleep on the boob and I am able to easily pop him in his cot without him waking. Sometimes though he doesn’t drop off and I end up trapped in his room on the floor, getting up every five minutes to pat and shh him until he eventually drops off. I don’t know what we will ever do when Alex doesn’t have a dummy though as it really has been a saviour for calming Alex and helping him drift off to sleep. We are still on the same nap schedule as last month, one long sleep in the late morning and sometimes 20 minutes in the afternoon but only if we are out in the car.

DSC_0111                        DSC_0128                     DSC_0184 DSC_0351

Who have we seen and where have we been.

This month has been so busy! Leo turned 4 last weekend and we had all the family come to stay pretty much. My parents were here, my nephew, my in laws and my cousin; we have also seen my other brother in law and nieces, my sister and her kids and my friend came up from London one weekend too.  We have also had friends from Wales stay and Alex had his first ever theme park experience as we all went to Peppa Pig World. He was in the pram sleeping for most of the day and oblivious to it all but he did get to go on a few of the rides. This month I went to my first blogger event, it with a Mr Kipling event at The Roald Dahl Museum, the boys tagged along with me and we had lots of fun. We have also been to Marwell Zoo for Leo’s birthday which was much more enjoyable for the birthday boy than it was for Alex but I think he liked looking at the penguins. Oli took a week off in August from work so we went on our first family holiday as a foursome to Borth in Wales. We stayed in my parents caravan and spent lots of time at the beach which was lovely and we also got to spend time with our families too so that was nice. It has been a really busy month actually!

baby update


DSC_0059            DSC_0065



Leo is still being quite challenging when it comes to knowing how to behave around his brother. He is still being too boisterous around Alex and I think he is showing quite a lot of signs of jealousy too. It is hard because I always try and give Leo loads of attention and always listen and paly with him but he does need to try and understand that it is not just him anymore and I have to think about his brother too. I am getting fed up of having to tell Leo to be gentle and stop being so rough with his baby brother; I know he understands what gentle means and I can only think it must be because he is jealous of Alex that he is not being kind to him. On the other hand though there have been times recently where the two boys have played really well together and Leo has been lovely, he has congratulated Alex on learning how to clap and he loves it when Alex does something silly. I am hoping we can move past this boisterous phase soon and Leo can learn to play nicely with his brother. Alex simply adores Leo though and in his eyes his older brother can do no wrong, I love seeing Alex’s face light up whenever Leo is around.

DSC_0121       DSC_0176 (2)

The little things.

This month has been full of lots of memorable moments..

  • Alex learnt to clap while he was sitting in his rubber ring in the swimming pool on holiday
  • He can wave now too, he sort of twists his hand around rather than giving a more generic wave
  • Alex loves to pull my top and try and get milk, he thinks it’s hilarious sucking on my tshirt
  • He is cruising around the furniture, he first did this when we were on holiday in the caravan
  • Alex had his first trip to a theme park
  • Finally Alex has started drinking water from a beaker
  • Alex loves clicking his tongue, especially when he is waiting for food
  • Alex can crawl seriously fast now and he loves it when you get on all fours and chase him
  • When he is in the bath Alex loves trying to climb out and splashing us all
  • He has started giving kisses when you say ‘kiss’ – it melts my heart!
  • When it comes to eating Alex is really good and feeding himself with his hands but has also got the hang of getting some food into his mouth with a spoon
  • Watch what you’re eating as Alex now loves dive bombing your plate and trying to steal your food
  • I let Alex try a yogurt this month and he loved it (he’s had great yog before but not a fromage frais)
  • He tried mint chocolate chip ice cream and loved it

That is it for this month, the next update will be the last one before Alex turns one! See you then, will I have a walking baby by 11 months I wonder..

If you want to catch up with Alex’s progress from his birth until now you can read all of his baby updates here

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  1. August 24, 2017 / 12:55 pm

    Wow 10 months old, that time has just flown. You’re right Alex is starting to look more like a toddler now, it’s funny how they seem to change from baby to toddler overnight. We were looking at photos of our daughter last night when she was 10 months old, and we were wondering where all her fat has gone! It’s great that you are comparing both Alex and Leo here, makes it lovely to look back on. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x