#BlogCrush – week 30


Welcome to the #BlogCrush linky , week 30 already! Thank you everyone for joining us last week, I loved reading all your posts and seeing what blogs everyone has been crushing on.

It has been a crazy busy week this week, we are moving house over the weekend so I have been busy packing and getting stuff sorted. Leo starts school on Monday so I have been stressing and trying to get organised for that too!

If you had a little one starting or retuning to school this week I hope it all went well.

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We need to talk about infant colic


Having a baby is wonderful there is no doubt about it but those newborn days can be really difficult. Two of the main things that make those early days with a baby so difficult are sleep deprivation and excessive crying. Babies cry for loads of different reasons, it is their only form of communication after all, but when you are dealing with a screaming baby for hours on end the stress can really start to take its toll. Infant colic is a condition affecting 1 in 5 babies and it can cause both excessive crying for babies and extreme sleep deprivation for parents. This September, Infacol and Cry-sis have teamed up for the first ever Infant Colic Awareness Month. With 1 in 3 new parents admitting they had never heard of it before, it is time that we started talking about infant colic.. View Post

How to care for your baby’s teeth – Brush-Baby review


At 10 months old Alex now has four little teeth. The bottom two pearly whites popped through around the age of 6 months and in the past couple weeks two shiny top teeth have decided to make an appearance too. Teething is horrible but following all the crying and all the dribble, tiny teeth do eventually appear and it is important to know how to care for your little one’s teeth once they have sprouted through. Alex has got beautiful white teeth but I know they won’t stay that way without a really good dental hygiene routine; he may not be eating sugar or drinking things like coffee that can stain his teeth but oral hygiene is still really important. We have recently teamed up with baby dental care brand Brush-Baby to review some of their innovative baby toothbrushes and to share with you some tips on how to look after your little one’s toothy pegs. Got a little one with some teeny tiny first teeth coming through? I hope you find this post useful. View Post

#BlogCrush – week 29


Hooray for Friday! It’s time for #BlogCrush linky week 29, I hope you’ve all found some fab posts to share with us this week and written some amazing content of your own. The weather is telling me that we will be having a few days stuck in the house so I’m looking forward to having some brilliant posts to read and get me through the days we are stuck at home.

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Weaning with HiPP Organic – review and #giveaway

hipp organic

Introducing solid foods to your baby for the first time can be both exciting and a bit stressful. Alex has been weaning since he was almost 6 months old and he loves his food. When you start weaning it can be difficult to know what foods to give your baby and when; I found introducing Alex to solid food pretty confusing. If you decide to start with purees and not go down the baby led weaning route then HiPP organic have introduced a brand new range of baby food perfect for baby’s first tastes. We were recently sent a hamper of the new Pure Vegetable jars and stage 1 savoury jars from HiPP to try, here is what Alex and I thought.. View Post

How to get body confident after pregnancy – tips from a personal trainer


The pressure to spring back into shape after having a baby is a very real thing for new mums. We are bombarded with images in the media of celebrity mums easily fitting back into their skinny jeans 2 weeks post birth and not to mention the disgusting magazine articles you see where mums ‘imperfections’ are photographed, zoomed in on and then given a big red circle of shame around them for added insult. There is a reason mums all over the country breathed a huge sigh of relief when Kate Middleton stepped out of hospital a day after having baby George back in 2013 with a very visible (and very real) mummy tummy. These are the images we need to see more of, new mums need to know that bouncing back into our pre pregnancy wardrobe in just a matter of weeks is not only unrealistic but it is unhealthy too.

It can be hard to feel confident in your skin after having a baby, pregnancy changes our body so much and sometimes the body we are left with feels nothing like our own. If you are a mum and feel like you are ready to start trying to get fitter and learn to love your new mummy body (and you should love it, it grew a human!) then I have just the post for you.  Over the past 6 months or so I have been  (loosely) following a brilliant new fitness program designed just for new mums, to help them get healthier and fitter and to love the new body their children have given them. Lean Mums has completely changed my attitude towards my postpartum body, I am now the fittest I have ever been and I feel amazing (you can read all about my experience using the Lean Mums programme here). Today I have an interview with Lean Mums founder and personal trainer Robbie, he is sharing all his expert tips and advice on how to love your body after pregnancy and shows us all that silly faddy diets are so not the way to go if you want to be fit, healthy and – most importantly – happy.  View Post

21 things you can do with a Bullabaloo muslin blanket

bullabaloo muslin

There are so many things you need when bringing a tiny human into the world. There are the essentials, clothes/nappies and so on, and then there are the more luxury items, a nappy disposal unit that smells like flowers and a designer nappy changing bag for example. With an almost endless list of things to buy before you baby arrives, products that are versatile and do pretty much everything are a must, right? Let me introduce you to these amazing muslin blankets for new British brand Bullabaloo.  They come in amazing tropical print patterns and are super soft as they’re made from bamboo. The best thing though is that they are pretty amazing at multi tasking too. To prove my point, here’s a list.. View Post

#BlogCrush – week 28


Yes, Friday is here! And it is a bank holiday weekend, I am SO ready for the family and chill time. How have you all been this week? Ready for some #BlogCrush fun? Let’s do this!

Thank you everyone who linked up last week, there were so many brilliant posts as always and they have served as excellent reading material to distract me from the kids causing chaos and trashing my house. If you are hear because someone tweeted you saying you were their #BlogCrush – hello! This is a linky with a difference, a linky all about promoting the work of bloggers we love as well as our own posts. We have grown a lovely little community here over the past 28 weeks but new bloggers are always welcome.

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Starting primary school – the mummy bloggers guide

starting primary school

Waa, Leo is starting primary school in less than 3 weeks time and I am so not ready to be sending my baby off to the classroom 5 days a week. I am feeling emotional about this massive step, obviously, and if I am being completely honest I am feeling really overwhelmed too. Leo is my firstborn, I have not had to navigate the chaos of the school run and the world of playground politics before; when it comes to starting school and getting organised I am clueless. To help me feel a little less terrified about the new school year and to give me a lesson or two on how to ease my child into reception year, I have enlisted the help of some fellow mummy bloggers. I asked 10 of my lovely blogging buddies, all mums of children already in school, to share with me their top tips, survival hacks and pearls of wisdom on how to prepare and ease your child (and yourself) into school life. If you have a little one donning a school uniform for the first time this September too then I am sure you will find this post useful and will be bossing your new life as a school run mum before the first half term is over.  View Post

The Bear Cub Bakers – children’s book review

The bear cub bakers

If you read my blog regularly you will know that I am a Boolino Friend blogger. This means I get sent wonderful new children’s books to review and it is one of my favourite things to come from my blog as Leo loves books and he always get’s excited when a new one arrives in the post. Recently we were sent a copy of The Bear Cub Bakers by Caroline Baxter, here’s what we thought.. View Post